Friday, October 24, 2014

Chef Daddy: Spinach Dip

It's been a long week, my friends.

Not really with an over-abundance of things to do, but more along the lines of picking up the same toys over and over to the point I can pick them up no longer. It's the kind of week that called for warm, cheesy comfort food, and today I'm sharing. This week's Chef Daddy recipe has been a favorite in Jonathan's family for years and for some reason, his is always the best. However, I'd love for you to try your hand. I'll even let you in on his secret ingredient {just a splash of white wine}. It's the one you've all been waiting for. Let's talk Spinach Dip!

This dish is far from your run-of-the-mill dip. It's very lopsided in its cheese-to-spinach ratio {which my kids appreciate}, but it's not baked like most hot spinach dips. You do this on your stove top in just a few minutes with these ingredients:

{We ran out of the aforementioned secret ingredient earlier this week. Like I said, it's been a doozy.}

There is a printable recipe card at the bottom of this post, but it's easy enough that even I can offer a play-by-play. One of my favorite parts of this recipe is the beginning. There's nothing like the smell of onions and garlic sweating it out together. It lets me know something delicious is on its way. Once they're translucent and ready to roll, the addition of cream cheese and Velveeta just takes it up a notch.

Here are two important notes with regard to this dip's veggies. Once you thaw the frozen spinach, remove it from the box and use a paper towel to squeeze the excess water out of it {see squeezed spinach wads below}. This time Jonathan decided to get fancy and dice the tomatoes himself, but we typically just get a can of petite diced. Make sure you drain them first. Let me repeat: drain the liquid from your canned tomatoes before adding them. If you skip this step, the dip will be runny and pink. Yummy, but wrong. Aren't you glad I told you that?

Follow the easy recipe above {click to enlarge and save} and you'll be snacking in no time. This week we used pita chips for dipping, but tortilla chips work just as well. This was plenty to serve as an appetizer for my family, but double it if you're bringing it to a big party or family gathering. It's a hit with everyone I've introduced it to, especially Nathan. I don't know if he would be willing to eat spinach any other way, but he was quick to give this one a five out of five:

I hope y'all have an incredible weekend. I plan to unwind by getting rid of all three of my children for an overnight stay with their grandparents. This calls for a trip to get more of that secret ingredient, don't you think? Now I'm off to pack bags and enjoy a lunch of leftover spinach dip. Happy Friday, folks!

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Unknown said...

So glad this is on here. I've got it pinned and printed. My family is going to love it.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks so much for spreading the love, Karen! I hope y'all enjoy it. It reheats really well, too, as evidenced by the bowl beside my computer as I type. Have a great weekend!

Southern Blue Celebrations said...

I remember trying this. I love, love, love spinach dip and can't wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

Gailanne said...

Looks amazing...can I substitute grated Cheddar for the Velveeta, do you think?

Jessica Bauer said...

Hi Gailanne, thanks for stopping by! We use Velveeta because it melts to such a smooth consistency, which helps in this ooey gooey dip. We've never tried cheddar, so I'm not positive how it would come out, especially with regard to texture, but it's always worth a try. Sounds yummy to me!