Monday, October 27, 2014

Chore Chart

{Gotta watch out for those Sassy Tuesdays.}

I've gotten in the habit of asking my kids to check their own pockets when they see the next MUST-HAVE-IT-NOW toy or game advertised on repeat.

Owen's go-to answer is, "I don't have any money, but my grandpa does." Nathan, however, has taken a different route. The kid learned the value of a dollar when he saved up his report card money and birthday money and shelled it all out for a Nintendo DS. Now, he's looking to up the ante. About a month ago, he started talking allowance.

Anyone who knows me knows any help is a blessing. If paying Nathan means I don't have to pick up dirty underwear, so be it. To make this official, we decided on a Chore Chart. Jonathan took charge {due to the fact that one can read his handwriting} and crafted a simple list for Nathan to keep up with every day but Sunday. In order to earn a cold, hard three bucks a week, Nathan has to pick up toys and dirty clothes, clear the table and throw away any dinner trash, vacuum as needed, and maintain a happy demeanor. There will be holes in this chart, because certain chores may not always be available, but if he just doesn't do it, it's a dreaded Red X. Two Red Xs void the agreement, and no payout will be given that week.

He's still getting used to remembering {and I'm still getting used to leaving dirty clothes on the floor}, but that's our method. I've already seen a difference in just a few weeks. He's less whiny when I ask him to lend a hand, and it turns out Owen thinks it's cool to pick up for mama, too. Just don't tell him I'm doling out money for it, okay?

As Nathan gets further into it, the rules will change and adjustments will be made. He's asked about helping load and unload the dishwasher, and who am I to refuse?

Expecting more from Nathan has given him a new sense of pride and a piggy-bank full of cash. Bring it on, holiday Nickelodeon commercials. Bring it on.

Have you implemented a chore chart for your son or daughter? Is it similar to mine? Does it work out for you? The main thing I worry about is the excitement wearing down, but hopefully the allure of cash lives on. Let me know in the comments and have a marvelous Monday!

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