Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Get Physical

This pretty baby is getting heavy, y'all.

Last Tuesday we visited the pediatrician for Nora's 15-month checkup and she tipped the scales at 31 pounds, 10 ounces. While this did actually keep her on the charts {99th percentile, thank you very much}, it also gave cause for my rippling biceps. She was deemed healthy and precious in every way, but our biggest concern was mobility. She's still not crawling, walking, or bearing weight on her legs. Her weight is not a huge concern and she's mastered scooting and rolling, but we're ready to push it to the next level. Her doctor suggested a physical therapy evaluation.

Today we attended the easiest doctor's visit to date. No poking or prodding, just a comfy mat, lots of toys, and a license to play. It took her a while to decide it wasn't an elaborate ruse, but she eventually warmed up. She showed off her signature booty scoot, refused to stand, and cried in a hands-and-knees position. The usual.

The good news is after watching her play and communicate with us, the therapist ruled out any neurological disorders, and he didn't feel any problems with the muscle tone in her legs. At this point, there's nothing wrong with Nora that's causing her to wait so long to get moving. She's simply stubborn. It sounds frustrating, but it's a blessing. We assumed this was the case, but I'm relieved to hear that from a medical professional. Knowing he thinks she can get there made the small worries in the back of my mind disappear.

Her scooting gets quicker and more purposeful every day, and she's recently started pulling up onto her knees. She's making progress, it's just going to be on her terms. He assured us that eventually she'll get curious about things that are higher than eye level and figure it out on her own.

The main trouble is that as she grows, it's only going to get harder to support herself. Because of her age, she is officially delayed in her gross motor skills, and should qualify for therapy sessions. Hopefully we can learn a few tricks and exercises to give her a leg up, so to speak.

I'm not sure what this level of stubbornness is going to mean for the future of our family, but who would believe that blue-eyed baby doll could do any wrong? Obstinate, headstrong girl, indeed. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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Shelia Little said...

My daughter Heather never crawled. She scooted until she was around 16 months old and then stood up one day and started walking. Her doctor told me that his daughter didn't start walking until she was 18 months old and not to worry.

That was my first indication that my child was never going to let anyone tell her what she "should" be doing. It ended up being a wonderful trait.:)

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you so much, Sheila, that makes me feel better! Nathan was delayed in motor skills, but he did crawl at 12 mo, and walk at 17. It makes me feel better to know Nora could {and probably will} just skip crawling. And it seems that Heather is moving just fine these days! :)

Unknown said...

Ting didn't walk until 16 months. She did everything else exactly when the books say they are supposed to, but I thought she would never walk.

Bug, on the other hand, refused to roll over until he was a year old. And he only crawled for a week.

She'll catch up! And her cuteness completely makes up for her decision to not walk right now :)