Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Guts, No Glory

Another year, another round of fake gagging at stringy, orange pumpkin innards.

The pumpkins we procured last week were finally cut into the spookiest lanterns around. There was even a plan. We invited the neighbors, we put on a pot of Jonathan's famous chili {featured in tomorrow's recipe post}, and the designs were drawn. Owen wanted a "bad-face pumpkin" and Nathan was determined to create a spooky clown. He begged and begged and begged me to Google scary clown pumpkin patterns, but that obviously lead us down a creepy path. He settled on a vampire-style design of his own and it turned out to be exactly what he wanted. Mean eyebrows and all.

The design is where the boys' participation stopped, though. Much like last year and also, you know, the year before, the pumpkin gut scooping was done by Daddy. Both boys started off watching the process, but they quickly decided they'd rather watch from another room. Oh, the dramatics:

I did stick Nora's little paw into the gut bucket once, but she learned her lesson and kept her hands to herself. She was happy to pose for a girls picture, though. We didn't get a big carving pumpkin for Nora this year, but she was satisfied with a tiny one carved in her likeness - hair bow and all:

Guts were flying and tiny instruments were wielded as the orange vegetables came to life. Nathan even gave the carving part a go this year and outdid me on the straight lines. His friend who joined in the fun initially had eyelashes in her design, but thank goodness she let that go. No complicated designs around these parts, just homemade drawings done by cute kids. Here are a handful of photos from the night:

My goodness, the cheese face game is strong. I figured you could use a giggle. Now, for the reason you clicked. Once the neighbors left and the stars were out, we turned off every light in the house, let Owen wrap his legs around my waist and dig his claws into my shoulder, and wandered into the yard to see the jack-o-lanterns in action. The finished products:

What did you and your kids carve this year? Do your kids touch the guts? Have you ever carved eyelashes onto a glamorous jack-o-lantern? These are the Halloween questions that keep me up at night. Let's chat in the comments! Now, have yourself a happy little Thursday and come back tomorrow for an easy recipe that you can leave on the stove while the kids are trick-or-treating. Bye!

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Deborah Brauser said...

Hahaha! I used to always hate the pumpkin guts too, although not afraid of them. Just icky! Super impressed with how well yours came out. Great job!

Dorothy Johnson said...

Sounds like a fun party and your pumpkins are great.

Unknown said...

Brave souls. ;) We mostly painted pumpkins when we were kids.