Monday, October 20, 2014


{Now, those are some satisfied pumpkin shoppers.}

It turns out I had driven past this spray-painted hay bale one too many times.

Nathan could read the signs printed on posts that lined the highway. "Pumpkins coming soon!" "Pumpkins are almost here!" "Pumpkins this weekend!" The idea of taking a solo trip to let these children run free among the giant vegetables sounded complicated, so I ignored the pleas and kept driving. As the days went on, the pumpkins arrived and the begging increased. There were scarecrows everywhere, a sign depicting a story area, and the promise of the perfect pumpkin. They weren't going to last much longer. Luckily, we had a few extra minutes yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, I had parental backup.

So, we pumpkin patched. We left with two good-sized carving ones, two handheld ones for the boys, and an itty-bitty one that fit just right in Nora's chubby hands. As you can see, she was pleased:

Once we finished snapping pictures of our mesmerized daughter, we called the boys over to the photo setup and placed our three children just so. And, get this, they held still! It was a pumpkin patch miracle. After saying goodbye to {almost} every pumpkin, we grabbed a bite to eat with the grandparents and then headed home beneath a blanket of stars. When we arrived and started unbuckling our sleeping bunch, I had to pry little orange treasures from everyone's hands.

It was absolutely worth a stop.

I hope y'all had an equally festive weekend. Have you been pumpkin patching yet this year? I've never been to an actual patch that doesn't haul in its pumpkins from elsewhere and would love to find a place that like near me. Please let me know if you have any places you've been keeping secret. I won't hold a grudge for very long. Happy Monday, friends!

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