Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Bunch of Thanks

{These spectacular photos were done by my good friend Ashley Mhoon}

Two days later and I'm still basking in the glory of turkey afterglow, dessert overload, and the laughter that comes with so much family under one roof.

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone and mine was spent stuffing my face at my parents' house and making sure Nora kept her hands out of the mashed potatoes. However, this bunch didn't forget to count their blessings. Earlier this week I asked my family members to tell me three things they were thankful for, and then recorded their answers for posterity. The food is good, the day off work is great, but it's important to remember the why. There is always something to be thankful for, sometimes you just have to stop and think. Full Disclosure: Nora's may be embellished a little.

Name: Jonathan
Age: 31
Thankful For: "I am thankful for my family because they are my strength. I am thankful for my church because it gives me hope. I am thankful for life because it brought to me my incredible wife, my three children here on Earth, and the one who didn't have to deal with the struggles of this world."

Name: Jessica
Age: 30
Thankful For: "I am thankful for the love of family, the laughter of friends, and every single morning I wake up for the chance to enjoy it."

Name: Nathan
Age: 7
Thankful For: "I am thankful for my family because they play with me and help me with my homework, I am thankful for my toys because if I didn't have toys I would have nothing to play with, and I am thankful for my food because if I didn't have food I would have nothing to eat. And I'm really REALLY thankful for God because He made all of that for us from love."

Name: Owen
Age: 3
Thankful For: "I am thankful for snow, monkeys in the zoo, and my brother and daddy... and Poppy and snackies." {I understand this is more than three things, but I just could not pick and choose after that sentence.}

Name: Nora
Age: 1
Thankful For: "I am thankful for kissies, milky, and brothers who drop food." {Not a quote obviously, but 100% accurate}

In case you're looking for some weekend-after reading material, you should check out the Bauer Blessings from years past and see how they compare {and also see some precious babies}. Click here for last year, click here for 2012, and click here for 2011. Hope your turkey day was spent making memories. Did you save me some white meat?

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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