Monday, November 17, 2014

Bloggers on Moss Mountain

It's been a few days since I traveled back down Moss Mountain, friends, but I'm still starstruck.

I was lucky enough to visit the home of the one and only P. Allen Smith with a group of Arkansas Women Bloggers. Although our mission was to learn about the AR529 plan, which is an incredible way to save for your kids' college costs, I was just as excited to step foot onto Moss Mountain Farm. I will be back tomorrow to share about this wonderful method of sending a kid {or three} to college, but today I'm going to fan girl.

Three southern bloggers carpooled bright and early Friday morning and made our way toward Little Rock. As the scenery changed from interstates and buildings to fall color and winding roads, our excitement grew. Four miles, three miles, two miles. With every turn we were that much closer to actually seeing this gorgeous property in person. Allen {that's what I call him now, Allen} has always been a gardening idol of mine and his decorating style is amazing. He is everything I love about Better Homes and Gardens come to life, basically. Therefore, let me share a few pictures that I snapped on the farm and line out some favorites:

  • Two words: Sleeping. Porch. This man has a porch dedicated to sleeping. The three beds overlooking the gorgeous Arkansas River are specifically designed for naps. Also, there's an enormous tub on said porch. I may have decided to see what the view looked like from there.

  • Every single window in this house has a breathtaking view. Whether it was the terrace garden from the windows at the farm sink or the rolling river seen from the upstairs toilet, there's a vista to take in no matter what you are doing. Literally.

  • His kitchen is out of my dreams. Although we both know I don't run the kitchen, I still like to look at it, and my dream is white on white on white. There's something about crisp clean cabinets and appliances with subtle pops of color {think a bowl of limes} that makes me grin. This was the garden home kitchen, with a few extras. Anyone out there own a warming oven?

  • Allen regretted to inform us that we were three days too late for garden color. There were a few bright pops in the roses, but most of the flowers gave up last week. I didn't make it all the way into his acre of vegetables, but you better believe that's where I'll stay if I'm lucky enough to visit in spring or summer.

  • We had such a blast with Allen himself. He was extremely personable despite the fact that he probably has people in and out of his house all day. He stayed with us during speakers, joined us for lunch, and hosted a blogger-style game of Family Feud {red team for the win}. I loved meeting him and sincerely appreciated his hospitality.

  • We dined, met, and mingled in a barn next door to the garden home. I hesitate to use the word "barn" even though that's exactly what it was, because I could easily move in there. Pictures of various produce Allen painted himself lined the walls, and the huge reclaimed wood tables were lined with burlap and varieties of gourds I'd never seen before. I knew his fall decor would be lovely, but I couldn't get past the pumpkins in the barn, for heaven's sake.

  • We didn't see the entire farm because it was freezing {and there are 600 acres}, but we made it a point to see the Poultry Palace. This chicken coop is amazing and I'm almost certain it's bigger than my house. The coop was closed up for the cold night by the time we made it, but we did get to peek at a few of Allen's heritage chickens in another area.

    It was a dream come true to get free reign over Moss Mountain Farm, and I'm thankful for the opportunity. I had a wonderful time spending the day with my friends, catching up with a few I met at this year's conference, and meeting several for the first time. Thank you so much to everyone who made the day possible. It was the first visit for the three Southwest Arkansas Bloggers who attended, but hopefully it won't be the last.

    {Stop by my friends' blogs: Alicia writes at Simple Words by A and Sharla's over at Look At What You Are Seeing.}

    Have a very happy Monday, my friends, and please come back tomorrow. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and really nice friends can benefit from the information I'll have to share. Now is better than later when it comes to preparing to pay for college, and the plan I'm going with will do much more than sit in a savings account.

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    Unknown said...

    I'm so glad you got to go! I bed the "farm" was gorgeous with all the fall colors going on.

    Unknown said...

    Too excited to go and hopefully we can go back. If nothing else, we will have to tour ourselves.

    Aduke Schulist said...

    It was my first time going. It was definitely gorgeous.

    Jessica Bauer said...

    Yes, Karen, all the orange and pumpkins were just perfect! It was so much more incredible in person. Hopefully we will all get a chance to go together sometime!