Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mama's Thanks

Thanksgiving, Thursday, and theme all start with the same consonant blend. Let's do this.

In keeping with the series I made up last week, I'm here a week before turkey day to count my blessings. Three of the biggest blessings in my life are the ones I met in sterile hospital rooms. Although "mama" is not the only word that describes me, that role has shaped the person I've become. Today I want to talk about why I'm thankful for those who call me that {even if it is 23 times in succession}. Also, I'm limiting it to five words, each with a one-sentence explanation. You're welcome.

Wisdom: Not just in the matter of straight As, either.
Advice: For a seven-year-old, this little boy knows what he's talking about.
Faith: He has so much more than a mustard seed.
Support: This list doesn't sound like it's made for a kid, but it is.
Compassion: If only the rest of the world cared this much about others.

Smile: Whether mischievous or innocent, it can light up the night.
Safe: This feeling is a two-way street between us, I think.
Rainbow: He is the hope that followed the storm of loss.
Humor: The knock-knock joke about the cow is his best material.
Trust: He thinks I can scare away any monster, and he makes me start to believe it myself.

Kiss: She puckers up for a kiss every time our eyes meet.
Joy: When she lays her head on my chest, my heart is full.
Eyes: This girl smiles so big with just her baby blues.
Sister: She loves those Bauer Boys so big and so hard.
Whole: I never knew how much our family was missing her.

These three top my list when it comes to giving thanks. They are the brightest lights in my life, and I'm so appreciative of what they've taught me in the short time they've been hanging around. Come back next week and I'll flip the tables. I wonder what the Bauer Bunch is thankful for this year? Happy Thursday, friends!

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