Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Friday Five

I know Friday's posts have been reserved for Chef Daddy, but let's shake it up a bit.

This week I have my Five on Friday to catch you up on the exciting happenings of the last couple weeks. I can assure you Chef Daddy's skills will be back soon and it seems like the perfect time to share his potato soup recipe. For now, though, let me share what's been going on with the bunch. I should start by letting you know exactly where I am today...

ONE: I'm at P. Allen's house. By the time you read this we will be on a first initial, middle name basis. Yes, I'm spending today at Moss Mountain Farm, home of famed gardener and television personality P. Allen Smith. He invited a crop of Arkansas Women Bloggers to hang out at his gorgeous place and learn about Arkansas' college investing program, the GIFT Plan. I'll be back next week to spread the knowledge, but if you're itching to see what's going on, follow along on Instagram. Garden selfies galore.

TWO: By now you have heard that Garth Brooks is coming to Arkansas. I don't know, however, if you've heard that I will be there. I knew this incredible concert would sell out in seconds and I was nervous. I had the Ticketmaster app downloaded, I created an account, and my payment info was entered. Despite the fact that I felt my heart stop when the clock struck sale time, I tapped as fast as I could and snagged some impressive seats. Most bucket lists feature trips to remote islands, daredevil stunts, or backpacking across Europe. This concert tops mine. I am stoked.

THREE: I spent three evenings last week completing my online hunter's education course, I took the written final Friday {made a 94, thank you very much} and I bought my first hunting license Saturday. Legal beagle right here, y'all. Jonathan and I spent the weekend in a tree stand and although I didn't shoot anything but a target, it was wonderful to spend time together. Hopefully I'll be back with some delicious venison recipes soon.

FOUR: Second-grade is getting serious, y'all. Nathan finished his first building project this week - a suspension bridge. He made a Popsicle stick road, a dowel rod bridge structure, and a Styrofoam river. The kid mixed colors until the paint was exactly how he wanted it, then he carefully glued his pieces together and literally watched it dry. The only downside was the major meltdown Owen had when he realized his brother glued cars to his model. Regardless of a three-year-old's tantrum, Nathan was proud and so was I.

FIVE: We have yet to attend our first actual physical therapy session for Nora, but I can already report progress. For the first time in all of her sixteen months, that baby stood up! I held her hands, she pushed herself up, and then used my knees for balance. She even stood at the coffee table several times for a few seconds until her booty weight took over. I know this isn't ground-breaking news, but I'm so proud to see it. She'll be pulling books off shelves in no time!

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Kaylin said...

Hey, congrats on the hunter's education test! I really need to get mine eventually...My father is a hunter (a very dedicated one) and I know he'd be proud if I did. I do enjoy some great venison recipes. Honestly I think my favorite is just a classic venison burger. I enjoy them more than beef burgers.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks so much, Kaylin! I'm ready to get back out there, but not so excited about going in this cold weather. We love to do deer chili and deer tacos around here. Usually we mix in a pinch of beef, too, so it's not as dry. Yum!