Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some MOM-ents

Obviously, I'm not one to fall behind on current trends. I'm hip.

If you've looked at the Internet lately, you've heard the phrase "that moment when..." followed by a life event {often unfortunate} that relates the poster to his or her readers, thus encouraging camaraderie and burgeoning friendships. Or something like that. Today I'm here to share a few MOMents and hope you can either relate to me or laugh at me during a stressful holiday week. Without further ado, here are some instances that may have parents shaking their heads in agreement. You know, like that MOMent when...

You smell poop but cannot locate its source.

You realize there's a sippy cup that has been missing for a few days.

You hear the sound of raucous laughter, followed by the sound of screaming.

You hear the pitter-patter of little feet ten minutes after you ninja-ed your way out of the bedroom.

You find a wet spot on the carpet with your foot.

You find a Lego on the carpet with your foot.

You hear the sound of one thousand Cocoa Puffs crashing from the top of the pantry to the bottom.

Demands for milky, snacky, blanky, or some combination begin seconds after you settle into the couch.

Your eye starts to twitch.

You have to move your sleeping child from the car to the bed.

You have to make the decision between a refreshing shower and a ransacked home.

You hear splashing from the bathroom and no one is in the tub.

There's poop on your hand.

I can't be the only one cringing at these memories of real-life situations. I also know I'm not the only one who wouldn't trade it for the world. Although, in the interest of transparency, sometimes I'd trade a few hours of it for an afternoon of uninterrupted TV time. Until that opportunity arises though, I'll tiptoe through a minefield of baby toys and keep better track of milky cups. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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