Monday, November 3, 2014

Two Treats and A Trick

{Maybe calling Owen a trick sounds a little unfair, but have you met the kid?!}

Halloween has come and gone and all three of my kids still have candy left from the big night.
{Which is impressive since only two dressed up.}

On Friday night we took Wonder Woman, the Red Ranger, and their brother Owen door-to-door with hopeful buckets and a chill on their cheeks. We drove past Elsas and Rapunzels, witches and ghosts, and even a professional wrestler. Every time a Spiderman wandered by, Owen would casually mention, "Hey! I was going to be Spiderman." We begged, bribed, pleaded, and even tried to stuff him into his costume. Nope. When this kid's mind is made up, it is done. Lucky for him he's cute enough that the few doors we let him knock on gave him candy anyway.

Oh well. It's not the first time this has happened. There was a certain three-year-old who decided four years ago that dressing up was for the birds. I can't get mad at Owen for keeping the tradition alive.

Once the cold air chased us back inside, Owen ended up having a blast greeting the other neighborhood kids and giving out heavy-handed portions of candy. He'd open the door with a "Happy Halloween!!" and wait patiently to hear the magic words. Nora remained on alert at the window, watching for the next round of headlights.

Nathan was obviously at the table sorting the loot during this time. He's the only one who's not allergic to anything and not a baby, so he made out just fine. That awesome Power Ranger suit paid off in Reese's cups, Snicker's, and other peanut-associated treats. Poor Owen eventually climbed into a chair next to him and made a "yummy" pile and a "makes me sick" pile. We made up for his loss in cheese balls and pretzels.

That's our Halloween story and I'm sticking to it. Check out a few more pictures from our night dedicated to the momentarily cooperative Bauer kids {cooperative, but sneaky}:

Happy Monday, y'all! May your evening be filled with fun-size Twix, two-pack Kit Kats, and the oddly delicious orange Tootsie Rolls your kids will leave at the bottom of the bucket.

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