Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cookies

George Strait isn't the only one who sure does like those Christmas cookies, babe.

{Side Note: Does anyone else know that song? For me, it ranks up there with Christmas in Dixie and Leroy the Redneck Reindeer. Anybody? I can assure you country stations are the best at Christmas.}

One of my favorite Christmas traditions has always been the icing of the sugar cookies. I'd help my mom roll out the dough after covering the kitchen in flour and we'd delicately cut out trees and angels, bells and stars, and everyone's favorite Gingerbread Man. She'd mix all requested colors and our sprinkle lineup was extensive. We ate as we decorated, but always left some for the big guy. As the years went on, the tradition continued. Maybe a friend and I recreated the Backstreet Boys in edible form {true story}, and the icing application got a bit more focused, but we still did it. I'm pleased to report that this year, my mom had a few new hands rolling the dough.

While Baby Sister napped yesterday afternoon, Owen and Nathan were busy in the kitchen. Mickey, Goofy, and Donald were crooning the classics in the background and both boys sang along as they waited for Nana to pull the fresh-baked goodness from the oven. Although the Bauer Boys did the rolling and the cutting, they were sweet enough to wait on me to decorate.

I got to watch my boys make cookies and memories. They giggled when Owen gave his teddy bear "three eyes and two buttons." No more, no less. Nathan's creations had complete icing outfits and he made sure to give a few of the reindeer red candy noses. Each of the cookies turned out beautifully, even the ones that held a full pound of decorations:

This season has been a blur. I don't like using the word "busy" because you're only as "busy" as you make yourself, but I am guilty of letting everyday stresses push back the cheer. However, listening to those sweet voices sing as they artfully crafted cookie reindeer, it hit me. Not saying I'm a Scrooge or anything, but the moment was a reminder that it's time to stop, look, and listen. They may not roll cookie dough forever, y'all.

Once the cookies were done, each boy picked two to save for Santa, and nibbled on the extras. Then we piled into the car and drove past rows of Christmas lights that flickered on as the sun began to set. They marveled at the sights through their windows, and I felt it. The magic of the season isn't in struggling to find the perfect gift or knocking out my to-do list, it's in my children. Now is the time to hold on tight.

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Unknown said...

Love this! What great memories. :)

Jamie said...

What fun! We did the same tradition growing up and I couldn't wait to pass it on to my nieces and nephew. The first year we did it together, they had never had sugar before so they were enthralled. They kept licking the icing off then reicing the cookies. Ahem, those cookies got set aside!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'm trying to hang on myself, and we've made our share of cookies this Christmas season. :)