Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Bloggers

{Did you really expect them all to look at the camera? Really?}

'Tis the season to party hard.

The social calendar has been packed, my friends. I went bowling with twenty youth group teenagers, I drank a few rounds of punch at my church council's holiday bash, and I took my babies to a much-anticipated pajama party. However, Saturday's affair ranked high. I was able to hang out with a handful of bloggers-turned-friends, and our kids got to party, too!

The Southwest Arkansas Women Bloggers held its first Christmas gathering at the beautiful home of Jodi, who writes over at The Coffee House Life. Five women toted in their children, delicious dishes, and a present for Dirty Santa. Owen ran off with Bug, who belongs to Karen of Ting's Mom. These boys warmed up to each other at our last meet-up and both counted the minutes to their reunion. They spent most of their time talking about who knows what on the backyard playground. I later learned they were spotting monsters and shooting bad guys. Obviously.

Nathan was excited to have three other second-graders there to play with, and Jodi's little Bean stuck to Nora like glue. She saw in her a real-life baby doll who would eat all the crackers she could feed her. As you might imagine, Nora was just fine with this arrangement.

Both the mamas and the kids shared so many laughs, and I love how comfortable everyone has become with one another. Over the past year each of these women has gone from "that lady who blogs a town over" to my friend. It's cool to see our kids getting to that place, too. Heck, Owen was in his undies half the time because he got dirt on his pants. {This may just say something about Owen's personality, but I digress.}

After stuffing our faces with everything from homemade cookies to spinach dip, we played what I would call the nicest round of Dirty Santa I've ever seen. Two bloggers split their presents, for crying out loud. I might have stolen from someone who had already been stripped of one great gift already, but I play hard, y'all. The kids played a slightly less cutthroat version of holiday bingo, and suddenly it was time to leave. I had two sad boys on the drive home, plus a little girl who was seriously lacking in the cracker department.

Thanks so much to the ladies of this little community. This season is all about spending extra time with the ones you love, and I am thrilled to have grown that list a little this year.

{Spend a few minutes adding some new voices to your blog roll. Their topics run from yummy recipes to fun crafts to everyday stories about family. Stop by and get to know Alicia, Sharla, Karen, and Jodi. Tell them I sent you!}

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Unknown said...

I had so much fun at our party. Both my kids are already asking when we can get together again. It was great to see everyone again.

Unknown said...

would you say she was...cracker lacking?