Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shameless {aka The Best Day of My Life}

I've been on a week-long Garth Brooks high.

Those who read here or follow me on Facebook {link at top right, above my big face} know I was slated to see him perform in Little Rock last Friday night. You also know this concert ranked up there with my babies' births and the day I married my husband. Sure, you giggled when I counted down to what would be the best day of my life. Sure, you snickered when I posted that I lost my voice and worried whether Garth would hear me sing the third verse of Friends in Low Places. However, the best part about it all is the total lack of sarcasm.

A Quick Disclaimer: If the thousands of cowboy boots filling the streets of Little Rock made you cringe and hide until it was over, this is probably not the kind of post you need to read. You've been warned.

I have been trying to recap this experience for a week and can't seem to do it justice, so I'm just going for it. Thanks to my diligence {read: terror}, I was able to snag a pair of floor seats the second they went on sale. There were only seven rows between the man himself and me. When the lights dimmed and the crowd erupted, those seven rows disappeared - even the drunk guy who kept spilling his beer. It was just me and Garth {every once in a while Jonathan was there, too} and it was the most incredible thing I'd ever seen.

He stuck to the classics and I crooned {screamed?} every word right back at him. For me the highlight of the night was "Calling Baton Rouge," during which I lost my mind. Also when he sang "To Make You Feel My Love" and I openly wept. Also, during one of his encores, when he busted out "Papa Loved Mama." Also, every time he stopped, threw his head back, and soaked it all in.

Oh, and every second of "Shameless."

Listen, y'all, I have been in love with Garth Brooks for a long time. He released my favorites when I was in elementary school, but you better believe Fourth-Grade Jessica kept that tape hot. I have always wanted to see him in concert, but I assumed I missed the boat when he took a break from touring. Lo and behold that man made my dreams come true by returning to Arkansas after 23 years.

It was worth the wait.

He was truly the most honest, genuine, electrifying performer I've ever seen and the energy in that crowd was insane. There were 17,000 screaming, dancing bodies filling the arena and I'd venture to guess that 98% share my sentiments on the experience. Thank you Garth, for letting me check an item off the bucket list, thank you Little Rock for showing Garth exactly what kind of fans he has in Arkansas, and thank you Jonathan for the best date ever.

If it helps you think better of me by reading this in my signature sarcasm, feel free, but I assure you I mean every word. It was a good day, y'all. Were you there? Was your life changed? Face melted? Just annoyed by the traffic? Let me know and we'll chat in the comments. Have a happy Saturday!

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Brittney said...

Saturday night was just as magical. We were in the rafters, at the opposite end from the stage but the energy was electric. It was one of my top 5 concerts ever. So good.

Unknown said...

Saturday night was awesome as well. Your praise sounds very akin to Bart's. It was in my top 5 concerts ever. I was happy to fulfill something on Bart's bucket list.

The Gifted Gabber said...

I was there on Thursday, and it was a magical night, as well! One of my favorite parts of the night was "Calling Baton Rouge," too! I saw him 23 years ago with my best friend and it was so much fun for the two of us to go together again with our husbands!

Unknown said...

Friday night was truly electric! The crowd was"in" to the concert that even Garth seemed to be stunned. I read that he loved ending this part of the tour in Little Rock because it seemed like a real homecoming.

Jessica Bauer said...

Electric is really the best word I can think of to describe the experience! I still can't get over it. I'm so glad so many people I know were able to experience it. :)

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

Years ago, when you were in elementary school, I was actually in the crowd scene during the making of one of his videos taped in Dallas. (Thunder Rolls I think.) It was an amazing, all-day, very tiring experience.

Jessica Bauer said...

That is an incredible story, Talya! I'm more than a little bit jealous. I'm sure I watched you dancing in the crowd while I was working on homework. ;)