Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Top Ten

I had so many Thanksgiving dinners this weekend I lost count.

Despite the fact that this meal went from fridge to table both day and night in the hours following the holiday, I am here to talk about the original feast. Everything from the turkey to the green bean casserole was on point, but this is not a side dish play-by-play. It's been a few days since we said our goodbyes to the family, but there are a few moments that have stuck with me:

  1. Family photos outside resulted in lots of precious memories and even more outtakes. Like the one time Poppy's arm had to be in the extended Montgomery family photos because, well, Poppy.

  2. Nora begging like a puppy. She didn't turn her nose up at anything but the sweet potatoes {go figure}. Her favorite was the dressing, though.

  3. Haystacks. I had to keep these out of reach of my peanut allergy kid and wash my hands afterward, but they were worth every single scrub. Forget the pies, just give me a tin of these.

  4. Nathan's request to wear a button-up shirt and tie, and the fact that it lead his uncles and father to follow suit because they couldn't be outdone by a seven-year-old {although he rocked the only tie}.

  5. Owen telling everybody there was chicken in the turkey. And that he was thankful for brown beans and bread.

  6. Teaching Nathan the intricate strategies of a card game called nine-hole golf and then letting him school us at Uno.

  7. Playing Mississippi Marbles {This is a dice game that may have been invented by my family}. It's based on knowing when to stop pressing your luck. I'm not very good at that part.

  8. Watching the kids' eyes light up as a chorus of singing goblets filled the living room air.

  9. Encouraging Nathan to perform the themed stand-up routine he had been practicing for a week. Instead of a performance, he just nudged a couple people in the side and asked if they knew a turkey's favorite dessert. {Punchline: Peach Gobbler}

  10. Last but definitely not least: Having so many people I love under one roof. Every member of both mine and Jonathan's immediate families gathered together at the table {plus some fantastic cousins and a special aunt} to share a meal, to pray together, and to laugh. All three of my kiddos came away with wonderful memories. There was camping in the closet with Uncle Brian and racing cars with Uncle Tommy, making tissue box turkeys with Nana and felt snowman ornaments with Grammy, and of course, watching the Grumpy Cat movie with Aunt B. I'm thankful for my family members and I'm thankful for the memories they've made for my children.

Thanksgiving 2014 was pretty good for the Bauer Bunch. How was yours?

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