Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trimming Our Tree

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and my baby has yet to discover that the ornaments are removable.

At this point, my holiday spirits are high. After spending the weekend stuffing our faces, we came home filled with inspiration. Owen had been waiting on Thanksgiving for weeks, only because he knew that was the one thing stopping him from Christmas. I don't like to top one holiday with another, but at that point, the bird had had its day. We started pulling red and green from the storage shed before the calendar flipped to December.

With Frosty the Snowman playing in the background, Jonathan put together the tree, I fluffed the branches, and we prayed to the heavens that the lights would glow when we flipped the switch. Every "ordament" Owen grabbed was his favorite.

"OH! Look at this one, it's Little Nathan. OH! This one is made of French fries! OH! Look at this fish going fishing, that is silly business!"

Nathan sought out the ones he's collected in his seven years. There was an angel made from tracings of his hands and feet, a snowman from one of his favorite preschool teachers, and a star scribbled on by the budding artist. He rummaged around for ornaments with names and dates and asked for the stories to go with them. Baby's first Christmas, an engaged snowman couple, a shiny dog bone with our first puppy's name on it. I may not do well with the hour or two that my house is cluttered with Christmas decor or covered in glitter, but these moments by the tree are my favorite.

Our tree does not have a theme. There's no color scheme, no trend, no Pinterest-worthy topper. Don't get me wrong, I think these magazine-style trees are gorgeous, but they are a far cry from what's lighting up the back corner of my living room. Back there is a tree that tells our story. Every memory is hanging on its branches, and more are added each year. The tree in our living room lets me relive the magic from Christmases past with my children and it helps keep the memories they are building for themselves fresh.

This tree is not perfect. It may lean a little and its pieces may be mismatched, but it is ours.

Thankfully, these memories are staying put for now. Baby Nora is too mesmerized by the lights to start dismantling them. I have a nagging feeling that time will come. Happy Thursday, y'all!


Talya Tate Boerner said...

This is my kind of tree - full of family treasures and memories. Love it!

Sarah Shotts said...

Lovely post and love eclectic trees that tell the story of their owners. :)