Friday, January 23, 2015

Bauer Bunch Friday Five

{My mind has been wandering today, so I thought I'd give you a peek.
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ONE: I'm getting the itch. The kind that comes with dreary January days and a garden full of last summer's plant debris. The seed catalogs are on their way and money has been earmarked to buy a tiller that is Serious Business. We are ripping out the raised beds this year and hoeing rows. We might even upgrade our backyard farm with a chicken or two {maybe}. When it comes to gardening, I have three seasons: Planting, Harvesting, and Waiting to Start Again. Just 56 days, y'all.

TWO: Nora had her 18-month checkup this week. She weighed in at an impressive 36 pounds, remaining in the 99th percentile, and was in the 67th height percentile at 32 inches. Other than a Classic Bauer case of eczema, she was the picture of good health. The doctor was impressed with her physical progress, too. At her 12-month visit she wasn't even putting weight on her feet. She has since learned to pull up anywhere she can, and she cruises like a champ. It's only a matter of time before she lets go.

THREE: This weekend I proved something to myself. I am capable of taking 20 teenagers to Little Rock, letting them participate in a youth event with hundreds of kids from across the state, and bringing every one of them home the next day. Jonathan and I have been taking kids to these events since the fall of 2010, but our record attendance was thirteen. This was a leap. There were no mothers called, no voices raised, and no one left behind. Success!

FOUR: Owen has a new word. As most kids do, he obsesses in waves. When The Lego Movie first came out, it was all about Emmett. He backed off when he discovered Minions and Dragons, but I am pleased to announced that everything is awesome once again. However, Batman is now the star. Owen loves when the dark knight calls his girlfriend babe. So Owen is calling everyone babe. All done in Batman's grumbling growl, no less. It could be worse, babes.

FIVE: Did you know that if you enter your Apple Store password to let your kid download a Paw Patrol game, you stay signed in for a few minutes? Did you know if you hand your phone back to your kid within that time frame it will be returned with a page of new games? I don't know the pricing on all these exciting apps, but hopefully no bank account shock is coming. Owen's excuse? "I only buyed new games because I'm little. I'm just little." Little, indeed.

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Amanda said...

Awww- Such sweet stuff. I'm anxiously counting down until Spring as well! Less than 8 weeks!

Jamie said...

This was great! Loved your stories. I need to do something like this.