Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Adventure

It seems every year about this time I start to use the word dreary.

It's one of the grossest months of the year. After the fanfare of the New Year, the joy of clean slates, and the adrenaline that comes with fresh goals and starting over, I remember that it's January. Blah. The trees are bare, everything is dead, and it's cold. Although I'm probably jinxing us by saying this, the weather has actually been mild for winter. We've barely seen snow and the sun has been shining several consecutive days. It's not enough to break out the shorts and T-shirts and it's definitely not enough to start turning soil, but it's plenty for a front yard adventure.

Contrary to my above rant, this post is more than a weather whine. It's about two little boys who saw blue skies and sunshine and couldn't resist. Temperatures climbed high enough to leave jackets inside when the Bauer Boys set out to help their dad wash the car this weekend. Good thing they opted for boots:

Muddy puddles were stomped, gum balls were collected, walking sticks were broken from fallen branches, and the creek was explored. It's not quite spring, friends, but following these guys around made me ready. As we were walking back from the treeline near the highway, ready to race down the gravel driveway, I saw it. Beyond an expanse of completely dead grass, it stood welcoming me. My January home. Three people I love {the other nestled in her crib}, my trees waiting to bud, and my sunny yellow door, destined to smash all things dreary:

I think it will do for now. I'm still counting down the days until spring but as long as the sun keeps popping out and the snow stays away {please!}, we will be just fine. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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Unknown said...

Those rare spring like days in the middle of January are the best!

Unknown said...

I love these warm beautiful days, but I desperately want my kids to get to experience a good snow to play in. The kind that comes in on Friday night and is out by Sunday afternoon - of course.

Jessica Bauer said...

Ohh, Karen, I understand winter is still with us until March, but I SURE hope the threat of snow is long gone {though I'm smart enough to know it isn't!}.

Gail said...

Oh really? I love January. You might want to consider making that month a time for adding color to your life then.