Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mama's Little Minion

You might not see the resemblance, but if you're within earshot of my home, you've heard it.

Nora hit the big 1-8 last week {months, thank heavens}, and has been talking up a storm. The only issue is we have no idea what she's saying. I know every baby hits this stage, but it's been ALL MINIONS ALL THE TIME around here. Owen is a huge fan of the Despicable Me movies and has decided it will be his birthday party theme. Requests have been flying for Minion cakes, Minion balloons, and Minion costumes for the whole family {my money is on two out of three}. This has also led to videos. Repeatedly. Nothing like Barbara Ann sung in nonsense on loop.

To the point, I can't help but make the above comparison when this blue-eyed baby gets to chattering. The best thing about it is that you can still get the gist of her nonsense due to tone, much like her yellow counterparts. For instance, this afternoon she decided to plop her bottom down on a hard toy. The string of words that broke free from her sweet mouth made me glad I don't have a Nora-English dictionary. The next minute she's sweet-talking her dolly as she pats her on the back. We have no idea what she's saying, but she's definitely saying something.

Despite the constant jabber, she has picked up a few words. Her first phrase is "Hello, brother!" If I were forced to write it in a baby book, I think "hello" was her first word and it's still a family favorite. "Bru-der" is just icing on the cake. She calls me and Jonathan by name, and is a big fan of both "cheese" and "more" and I'd imagine "more cheese," too. This baby can tell you what a dog, a monkey, and Santa all say, she can agree or disagree, she can ask for a waffle or Bubble Guppies, and she shows off her southern drawl with "BYE!" Maybe one day I'll even make a video of these alleged words. #ThirdBaby.

See, it's not all Minion speak for my darling little daughter; however, I am grateful for it when Angry Nora comes out. At least she doesn't turn purple. Yet.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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rickiebauer said...

Or green like the hulk

Jessica Bauer said...

I think she is a perfect mix of Hulk and Minion, Poppy. :) She loves to put Owen's green Hulk hands on to prove it, too!