Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Southern Winter

It was late, it was unwelcome, but winter finally muscled its messy way into southern Arkansas.

It started Monday when school was cancelled due to the threat of an icy afternoon. Poor Nathan had to accompany me on my work commute and though we did drive through a little sleet, this day off was kind of a bust. Once we made it home, the boys asked to "play in the snow" and only found fun in breaking icicles off my car.

School was delayed two hours Tuesday as the ground began to thaw; however, today is a different story. We watched meteorologists build hope across social media as a second storm geared up to roll into our area. In this part of the state, winter weather is rare and typically comes in the form of the dreaded "wintry mix" - but they were calling for a big patch of heavy snow. Ever the skeptic, I assumed life would continue as normal.

The text arrived cancelling school arrived around 6:00 AM and I stopped rolling my eyes just a few hours later. Big, beautiful flakes formed a blanket that was not too powdery nor too wet. It covered the grass immediately and the roads weren't far behind. The kids and I stayed home and after about three hours of begging, I was nice enough to zip up coats, stick fingers into gloves, and watch the boys play through the glass door. {Have you gotten the idea that snow is not my favorite? True story.} It's still falling, and I'll admit is lovely to watch from the comfort of my living room.

Here are a few of the shots I got when I gave in and stepped outside for a few minutes:

Now we're warm, toasty, and back in our pajamas. The boys are waiting patiently for their dad to get home from work so they can get back out there, and I'm just enjoying the view. Alright, winter, you've had your fun and I'll admit it wasn't too terrible.

But you can kindly step aside for spring now?

How's the weather in your neck of the woods today?

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Georgeanne said...

There were some massive flakes falling yesterday here in Little Rock.. so beautiful! We had pretty big flakes today, too. It's already melting!

It's been so beautiful to look at the cardinals outside my window in the snow.

Unknown said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone's pictures of the snow from my dry little corner of NWA. Last year's never-ending winter kind of ruined snow for me for a while.

I'm glad the boys got to have fun in it! As long as everyone is safe and warm, that's what's important!

Unknown said...

I didn't love the snow as much as I thought I would either. My kids had a blast. I stood around with my hands in my pocket while they played for hours.

Jessica Bauer said...

It was beautiful while it was happening, but it's just flat-out gross today! I want to get those temps up and my grass back. :) But yes we did stay safe and warm. The people of southern AR have officially had their winter fix.

Unknown said...

Those boys....that last picture!

tiff said...

I don't know where you are in SWAR but in Arkadelphia, we are OVER IT. I know that come Summer everyone will be begging for rain/cold weather but for now I would just really, really like some sunny days!