Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chicken Chat

A few new girls moved into the house this week.

For years we've talked about chickens. A flock of pets that live outside and give us free food sounded like a sweet deal. As I continued to have babies of my own, though, we decided adding a box of chirping chicks to care for wasn't going to work. Every year we found a reason not to do it, but I never stopped bringing it up. Last month, however, we couldn't find an excuse. We decided this was the year of farm-fresh eggs and pets with wings.

We know several families in the area who raise chickens already and we had the bright idea to start with hens. That would take away the in-home aspect and there would be no waiting for eggs. As you can see in the photo above, that idea did not pan out {let's just say the flock we were going to adopt from met a few coyotes}. We were already so pumped about the idea that we decided raising fuzzballs wouldn't be so bad. My friend Alicia, who writes at Simple Words By A, is already a chicken mama, but wanted to add to her flock. So we shared a 15-chick order.

The babies hatched Sunday, and found their way to our corner of Arkansas on a snowy Wednesday morning. We met Alicia at the post office and picked six chicks from the noisiest package I'd ever heard. They screamed the whole way home, but who enjoys being mailed? Once we got them into the chicken condo Jonathan set up the night before, they immediately rushed under their warmer. One by one, each baby popped out to explore surroundings, grab a bite to eat, and poop. All good things.

{We took the advice of The Chicken Chick and followed her brooder building instructions here.
It's working out wonderfully!}

Most of what I'd read said the chicks would be terrified of humans at first, but these girls are a different story. We ordered Dominiques on recommendations for a friendly breed. Even on Day One, this has proven true. They follow our voices, let us hold them, and even eat out of Nathan's hands! The Chicken Whisperer, I'm telling you.

Owen is obsessed with his "chicken pets" and constantly tells them how proud he is. He also contributed heavily to their naming. We can't exactly tell them apart at this point {will we ever be able to?}, but here are their official names:

Elsa, Nugget, Wildstyle, Rover, Strip, and Chickaletta.
{We're pretty sure this one is Wildstyle. She's very glamorous:}

And there you have it: a new adventure for the Bauer Bunch. I can guarantee this isn't the last you'll see of these chirping little sweeties. I'll try not to flood your news feed with chick pics, though {try being the operative word}. We are looking forward to working on a permanent home for the girls to use in a few months.

Owen is not as ready for the wait, though. First thing this morning, he checked to see if any of the babies "pooped out" tiny eggs. This will be a lesson in both pet care and patience. Happy Thursday, y'all!

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The Gifted Gabber said...

Cuties! And I love their names. Have fun on your newest adventure! Visiting from ARWB.

Unknown said...

Ting has been begging for chickens for several years now. Maybe once we get moved and settled in we can give it a try.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oh my goodness, they are so cute! Love their names!