Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love Notes

The other day I was made aware that every other "lunch boxer" at Nathan's primary school has a note from mom tucked between their snack pack and sandwich.

He point-blank asked me why I didn't do it and if I could start. No big deal, really. I told him I would be happy to send a little love in his lunch box and vowed to do it the next day. I remember thinking about lunch box notes when he first started getting ready for kindergarten. I imagined how cool it would be when he was old enough to read a special message from me to help him make it through the rest of the day. Maybe he would be confused by the morning math, have an issue with a classmate, or just miss home a little more than normal, and those little words would make a difference. A lot of life has happened since Nathan started kindergarten, and my mornings are a whirlwind that have yet to include taking the time to make my kid feel special. Kind of a bummer if you think about it too hard.

Jonathan picked him up the day I remembered to send him a little note and when he burst through the door, the words left his mouth before his backpack came off: "I got that note you left me!" His smile was hard to contain and I could tell he had been waiting to say that for hours. Obviously this post is not a call for back pats or early nomination for Mom of the Year seeing as how he watched his friends open notes all year, but I can't tell you good it felt. It took five seconds to make his day.

This morning while I was handing Nora a waffle and helping Owen find his one favorite pair of socks, my second-grader tapped me on the shoulder and asked if there was going to be another note. Through the hustle of getting everyone ready and into the car on time, the one thing on his mind was whether I was thinking about him enough to remember. Thank goodness I did. These little touches can mean the world. I'm not too busy to do that for my kid.

It's easy for me to lose track when my everyday gets hectic, but I need to notice. Maybe I won't pack a daily heart-shaped note or shower every Bauer with love and affection constantly, but I need to do better to slow down and remember the difference I can make. What little touches mean the most to your kids?

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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The Gifted Gabber said...

My girls are only two and two-months-old so I am not to the note stage yet. However, I have longed planned to do it when they start carrying lunch boxes. I just think it is such a sweet gesture for a mom to do. It is so cute how excited your son got over your notes!

Unknown said...

I also said I was going to do this when Ting was old enough to read. And guess who hasn't done it yet, either? I'm going right now to put a note in her lunchbox!

Party of Five said...

I also need to do a better job with the lunchbox notes. I just never know if my kid will be embarrassed or not!

Unknown said...

My mom always put notes in my lunch too. I loved it.