Monday, March 9, 2015

Owen's Minion Party

Owen got by with a little help from his minions this weekend.

As you might guess, Owen loves the Despicable Me movies. He can quote them both perfectly and is fluent in Minion. That's why he's had his fourth birthday party theme mapped out for months. I've been hearing "minion party" this and "minion party" that constantly. Even though he had it all figured out, I sure did wait until the last minute to get it together. However, it ended up being a blast! A handful of Owen's buddies, their parents, and a bunch of family drove down to our house and partied hard. You couldn't wipe the smile off that kid's face. I mean, just look at him.

As for the details, everything turned out cute despite my lack of work. Very, very little was homemade, and I am 100% okay with that. I just ordered decorations and party ware online. It came in colors of blue, orange, and yellow and looked awesome strung around my kitchen. The food was a joint effort between myself and my SIL, with most of the work falling on her. She made the food labels and the minion faces on Twinkies were all her:

They turned out amazing and just took icing and a steady hand! Pretty much everything else was found at the grocery store. Store-bought cookies doubled as cookie robots, grape jello was PX-41 serum, and puffy Cheetos were Agnes' caterpillars that never turned into butterflies {I sure hope you've seen the movies, or this makes zero sense}. We also had a veggie tray, some pre-sliced fruit, my mom's famous meatballs {cranberry sauce + chili sauce - keep it a secret!}, and a couple of dips.

As you can see, Owen was pleased. So pleased he could barely manage a genuine smile when said smile kept him from diving into the grub:

Once the candles were blown out and the songs {yes, there are two} were sung, we let him loose in a room full of presents. Wrapping paper, party bags, and cards were flying. Random kids were delivering cards to random grownups and we lost track of where the presents came from. When we were able to connect a prize to a giver, Owen got confused and tried to give that person his toy. Once it clicked, he said, "These presents are all for me?!" It might not have been the most orderly method of present opening, but Owen and his friends had such a fun time oohing over everything that I just let it flow. Easier that way, really.

We did have a couple of minion games to play. I wrapped yellow and blue construction paper around plastic bottles, stuck on some printed minion eyes and used them as both bowling pins and ring toss targets. Very simple and the kids had a good time! I didn't get a great photo of the minions, but you get the idea. Owen had so much fun cheering on and encouraging his guests. He may drive me batty sometimes, but he is a sweet little kid.

This party was a hit. Not because the food turned out cute or the decorations stayed up the whole time, but because shortly after the piƱata was smashed, he turned to me and said: "I LOVED my minion party!" It was exactly what he wanted it to be, and that was perfect. Owen is a very special little kid and he means more to me than I could begin to explain. I'd try to bring him the moon if he wanted it.

Thankfully, he just wanted minions.

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The Gifted Gabber said...

Love it! Those Twinkies are awesome! Your SIL has skill. I am a huge birthday party person and I have too much fun planning so I can appreciate all the details you put into this.

Whitney said...

How cute! I bet that was a fun party!

Unknown said...