Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day Top Ten

Your alarm goes off at 6:30 AM.

You stretch in the warmth of your pile of covers and settle in for that coveted five-minute snooze. As you reach over to shut off the blaring phone, you notice the light outside is brighter than normal. Ever so cautious, you carefully pull back the curtain to reveal a blinding white landscape. Snow! Your heart races and that giddy feeling courses through your body for about three seconds, and then you remember that you're a grownup.

Ugh. Snow day.

Maybe this isn't you? Maybe you jump for joy at the thought of your children staying home from school to help you build snowmen, laugh at your snow angels, then track residual mud, water, and ice all over your home? It's not that I don't mind hanging out with these sweet angels when the need arises, it's just that cabin fever is real! Here a few reasons this particular mom does not like getting the Official Snow Day Text:

  • The milk jug drains quicker.
  • Tattle telling started at 8:00.
  • Despite the mountain of toys in their closet and scattered throughout my home, there's nothing to do.
  • Their level of excitement and my level of coffee are yet to even out.
  • Though appropriate, Nora's request for Frozen on repeat is not appreciated.
  • STOP TOUCHING ME started at 8:10.
  • Wrapped up in comfort, finally enjoying coffee, I hear thousands of pretzels cascade onto the floor.
  • My brilliant plan for an art-filled morning resulted in crayon eating.
  • My kids didn't come with off switches.
  • They want to play outside. Where it's cold. And wet. And cold.

You may or may not be reading this as you wrap your scarf around your neck and pull on your boots and think that I'm a terrible mother. I'm almost 96% sure I'm not. I'm happy to have a day home in PJs with my kids, but being cooped up gets old. We've already had the one snow day, Mother Nature. I think southern Arkansas has met its quota for the year. March has officially come in like a lion, and my fingers are crossed that it goes out like an especially gentle lamb. These kids {and their mom} need to get out!!

How are the rest of the parents holding up on this snow day? Are you pulling your hair out or pushing the sled?

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