Monday, March 23, 2015

Soggy Festival

{It might have been raining, but by golly they were posing by flowers.}

Spring 2015 came in like a wet dog.

Although the rain is more than welcome when it comes to encouraging seeds to burst through soil, it didn't make ideal conditions for our annual trip to the Jonquil Festival at Historic Washington State Park. This event is my favorite festival on the southwest Arkansas circuit. It's the perfect time of year {read: not 110 degrees} and the craft vendors typically outshine those featured elsewhere. However, with a festival scheduled for mid-March, you never know what you're going to get with the weather. It could be a bright, sunny 80 degrees or the ground could be covered in snow. Sometimes the jonquils are dead from the heat, and sometimes they're barely blooming. This year, it was somewhere between; however, the boys pulled on their boots, Nora zipped up her hoodie, and everyone set their sights on funnel cake.

Our feet squished in the muddy gravel and the misty drizzle danced in our hair, but we still had a great afternoon together. The first stop naturally was the row of food carts. Owen requested blue ice cream. Grammy made a bee line to the corn dogs. Nathan pulled his dad toward the funnel cakes, and then followed him over to get two different meats on a stick {gator and chicken}. We sat on a rain-soaked bench, but the festival flavors were more than enough to keep us warm. The following photo series is called "You Gonna Eat That Corn Dog?"

We quickly made our way through craft vendors, popping into booths and making purchases as we explored. The highlight of the day was when Poppy snagged a couple of pop guns for the boys. They even came with feather caps that I will pray will remain intact for at least a good week. Nora was gifted a handmade stuffed kitty and she has been patting it ever since.

I'm glad we braved the weather and enjoyed each other's company. It's a fun way to welcome spring, rain or shine. Now I'm just waiting on my backyard to dry out because we have big plans this season. Obviously the chickens that live in my kitchen will need a home, and we're trading our raised bed garden for a great big plot. Rain, rain, go away, please come back after I've planted {it doesn't rhyme, but I sure mean it}.

How did you welcome this soggy Southern spring?

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