Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nora On the Move

I interrupt this two-week blog hiatus to bring you breaking news: my daughter can walk.

This is not a test.

Those first wobbly steps tend to signal a mix of terror and joy in a mother's heart. Milestones are awesome, but you can't help but feel a chill down your spine. Siblings stash their favorite toys. Pets are no longer safe. Hide the valuables! Lock the doors! Whatever you do, don't leave drinks on the coffee table! All sarcasm aside, though, Nora's first steps came with a sigh of relief.

This big girl is 21 months old, and while her oldest brother was also slow to walk, she wins the record for being carried the longest {she also has the title of heaviest, giving me the title of biggest biceps}. Last fall we took her to a physical therapist to make sure there were no issues. The official diagnosis was a stubborn baby. So we waited. We held her chubby fingers and encouraged her to "step, step, step!" She plopped to the ground. We watched her cruise around furniture effortlessly, but any encouragement from onlookers forced a tighter grip. It was at this point we were pretty sure she was running laps behind closed doors.

However, in true Nora fashion, she knew when the time was right. Just a few days ago, she let go of her daddy's hand and took careful steps. The excitement rose in his voice as he asked her to get her baby from the recliner. Once she realized what she was doing, she made a sharp turn {away from the baby} and marched herself to a bookshelf. She hasn't stopped since.

{I LIVE for that hiccup smile, y'all.}

Nora has now decided that she's proud of herself and loves to show off her moves to anyone who will watch, but don't you dare think about helping her. This independent woman has taken off.

My heart is full and my arms are thankful.

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Unknown said...

How fun to have a new walker in the fam, too cute.

I too have a stubborn baby diagnoses on my hands, although not in the walking category. Amazingly he was running at 8 months, but with talking. Just turned two and minimal word- I guess when they are ready they will.

Jessica Bauer said...

Absolutely, Brandi!! Nora has been the exact opposite. She's rarely quiet. :) I think they focus on one area first, and then catch up on the other later - when THEY want to.

Unknown said...

Aww she is too cute! Go Ms. Nora!!