Friday, June 5, 2015

Family Vacation

{This poor, neglected blog needs fresh air, doesn't it? May was full of busyness that pulled me away from the screen, but there's nothing like a little saltwater to revive it.}

There was quite a bit more on this year's beach trip, friends.

There were more 6:30 AM wake-up calls, more requests for chocolate milk, more fights in the condo, more dirty diapers, and a lot more to carry down the boardwalk. Coincidentally, there was more laughter, more sand castles, more squealing every time a wave surprised us, and more joy in {almost} every moment. If you can gather from this that we took the kids to the beach this year as opposed to our solo vacay last year, then you get a prize!

Last week we took the bunch {plus my parents} to the Emerald Coast of Florida and though I was nervous about herding three kids around a hot, sandy beach, I can say now that it was wonderful. The kids hadn't been since Nathan was 4 and Owen was 1, so it was a new experience.

For weeks before, Owen told everyone who would listen that he wouldn't put his big toe into the ocean. There are fish in there! However, his mind quickly changed when he looked to the endless sea. I'll be darned if he didn't fling himself into it. He spent half his time begging someone to hold his hand and the other half jumping waves, getting knocked down, and coming up sputtering and laughing. Nathan, ever the beach bum, was enthralled by it - studying the shoreline and keeping an eye out for dolphins. The main difference this year was that he didn't need us to hold his hand.

{As you can see above, Owen Bauer still needed this service}

And Nora, well, Nora was content to sit beneath the umbrella, on the mat, sunglasses firmly in place, snack in hand. As long as you didn't disrupt this flow, she was happy. If you made any mention of bringing her close to the water or moving her hands into the sand, she was done:

The weather in Florida was gorgeous {my apologies to all we left in the wetlands of Arkansas}. It rained one night, but each morning was soaked in sunshine. The water was rough the first couple of days, but we finally saw yellow flags on our last venture out. We ran, we splashed, and we learned a few family-vacation-related lessons:

  • Beach wagons do not roll on the sand as described on the package.
  • Forty-pound babies with sandy diapers make for better workouts than Crossfit.
  • It's not all that bad to be seated in the "families with annoying kids" section. Especially if you eat dinner promptly at 4:00 PM each night. No wait, no worries, so many crab legs.
  • The wait for the beach bros to set up chairs is a more excruciating experience with three pairs of eagle eyes.
  • Kids are great at shell spotting, crab catching, and not whining about the saltwater taste.
  • The only thing better than experiencing the magic of where ocean meets land and water fades into sky is seeing it in your kids.

Sure, there were less fruity cocktails, less afternoon naps, and zero books read beneath the sun, but I brought home much more than darker skin and sandy floorboards. Until next time, Florida! Thanks for the memories.

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Unknown said...

It looks like so much fun! I can't wait to get my kiddos to the beach one day. It's on our bucket list. I'm not as brave as you - I've declared no more family vacations until we get everyone out of diapers, hahaah!!!

Jessica Bauer said...

It was fun, but it would have been better without diapers, ha! One day before too long, fingers crossed. I can't wait to hear all about YOUR vacation, Karen. I guarantee it'll be just a hair more relaxing than mine. ;)

Unknown said...

Love the photos, and the funny memories you've recorded here. We're headed to a southern beach later this summer, and I'm enjoying reading about others' trips.

Unknown said...

Adventure sighting! I'd love to invite you to add this to my link up before Friday (when it closes):


Jessica Bauer said...

I was already on top of it right after I hit publish, Sarah! Such a fun thing you have going on over there! :)

And thanks for the sweet words, Rhonda. I wish you well on your upcoming trip. I'll be waiting to read all about it!

Unknown said...

Many belated thanks for linking up! The internet gremlins ate my link up last month, but we're back on schedule for this Friday! :)