Monday, June 8, 2015

Summertime Slow

June is my favorite month for many reasons, but nothing beats the inspiration that creeps in as the signs of summer start to show.

Everything past the front door is green and bright and loud. A shock of blue lights the sky and draws me out to explore. Summer shoves me off the couch. It inspires a fresh awareness of what's beyond my four walls and begs me to slow down and bask in it. Fragrant hydrangea blooms have exploded on their deep green leaves, marigolds are singing toward the sky, yellow flowers are dotting the veggie plants, and children are asking to go out at dawn.

Summer is so close I can taste it {and paint it in an idyllic way after it rained for one month straight}. We have yet to reach triple-digit temps, so I know we're a few weeks out. However, I have plans. I'm here today with a summertime bucket list of sorts. Here's what I'd like to do:

  1. Go swimming frequently. Watch out, Nana, here we come!
  2. Cut more flowers to bring inside.
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Lie in the grass and soak up the sun.
  5. Eat a warm tomato straight off the vine.
  6. Don't waste anything from the garden this year. Work on canning, work on freezing, work on sharing.
  7. Make dinner from the backyard. Once the girls get to work, we'll have all the ingredients for a fresh frittata.
  8. Fire up the grill more often. I want pizza. Lots and lots of grilled pizza.
  9. Go to the zoo! Or to the water park! Or to a state park! A Bauer Bunch day trip is a must.
  10. Bring a pair of chairs and a pitcher of margaritas into the garden to watch the sun set.
  11. Say yes to muddy sprinkler runs, messy Popsicles, and tiring swing pushes {on that note: teach Owen to pump}.
  12. Turn off the TV and put down the phone.
  13. Take the kids fishing.
  14. Take the kids to someone else's house. We are overdue for a date night, y'all.
  15. Read a book on the porch swing.
  16. Count as many stars as we can.
  17. Spend mornings in the backyard watching the chickens play and the sunflowers stretch.
  18. Share all these plans with family and friends.
  19. Take deep breaths, count to ten, and send them outside when no-school-full-house syndrome kicks in.
  20. Relax and enjoy. This summer will only come once.

What's on your bucket list for the upcoming season? Do you want to slow down as much as I do? Or are you jumping in headfirst with travel and excitement? Let's chat in the comments, okay?

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Georgeanne | Southern Fried Soprano said...

I'm moving to Kansas & beginning grad school in August, so my summer, though just starting, is going to go by way too fast.

I'm the kind of person who typically sets REALLY high goals with bucket lists, so I thought I would make my list for these last two months in Arkansas meaningful but realistic. I wrote about my Arkansas Bucket List here:

I will say that I have gotten a chance to eat a tomato off of the vine already--well, I haven't, but my mom has (I gave her the first one!).

I think I'll refer back to your list a few times over the season, too. I like how your list has a lot about just... slowing down and enjoying the season you're in. That's so important to me right now, especially as I make this big change.

Jessica Bauer said...

Aww, thanks Georgeanne!! I am so excited to read about your big move and new school. It's going to be such an incredible adventure, but I guarantee the state of Arkansas/ARWB will miss you greatly. Definitely stop and smell the tomato plants along the way. ;)

Party of Five said...

Great list! Sounds like you'll be busy. :)
We just go with the flow.


Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks, Rhonda! And I sure like the sound of this kind of busy. Hope I can make it happen and hope your summer is wonderful, too!

Unknown said...

Love your list:) You listed some of my very favs:)