Friday, June 12, 2015

Water Babies

Most of the photos I've taken this summer feature my kids in swimsuits. I see no issue here.

Last weekend we had our first family swim day at my parents' house. It's starting to get pretty sweltering down here, so the water is perfect. Nathan the Fish took right to darting across the pool and holding his breath as long as possible. Owen was thrilled to find out he could actually stand in the shallow end. Nora, however, was the one who surprised me. She liked the pool a lot more than she cared for the ocean.

At first she didn't want to move from her beloved steps and toys, but once I showed her that it was just like a giant bathtub, she was all in. Face down, bubbles up, and absolutely loving it. I think the best part was when I realized she wanted to do the back float. This photo may translate as paralyzing terror, but that's bliss, y'all. She let her mermaid hair flow in the water, closed her eyes, and completely relaxed. Floating is such an amazing feeling. I can't say for sure, but I think she enjoyed it.

When it comes to the actual art of swimming, however, Nathan takes the crown. He took three years of swim lessons and we decided it was time to graduate. Last year he and Owen went together, and let's just say I only ended up paying for one student. We persevere, however, and Monday marked Owen's second round at Mrs. Julie's. He spent the first half hour in tears. We sat and watched the other kids dive for toys and show off their Superman arms. Finally, once everyone stopped trying to get him to give in, he gave in {imagine that}. He was a different kid the second half of the lesson and doing cannonballs off the diving board by Day Four.

Miracles occur at swim lessons, y'all. I could tell my kids the same instructions and they'd look at me like I had three heads, but if a non-parent is directing, the concentration is unbreakable. {Maybe not unbreakable, there were a few times Owen stopped mid-swim to tell Mrs. Julie he saw a toy on the bottom or someone's foot in the distance, but I digress.}

I'm very proud of Owen for finding the courage to give in and jump in. It's absolutely worth it to build confidence around the water and I can't wait to watch him and Nathan continue to improve as the long days of summer wear on. And I'll start hitting the weights a little harder to support Baby Nora back floats.

Have you been splashing much yet this summer? If not, it's high time! Have a great weekend, y'all.

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Anonymous said...

Love this! We haven't done as much swimming as we would have liked to do this year as I'm teaching summer school and the oldest now has a job. Hoping the rain will stop soon and we'll be able to head to the lake this weekend.