Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Perfect Peppa Party

If you've been paying attention to my bunch over the past few years, you'll know July gets crazy.

Nathan turned eight last Tuesday and we celebrated his sister the very next day. Nora has entered the Not-So-Terrible-But-Still-Pretty-Stubborn Twos and though I've neglected to mention it here, you better believe she has been living it up. She's still belting out the birthday song from her crib. While I need to catch you up on this spitfire of a kid, today we're talking about her party. Her Peppa Party.

This was just a small family party, but we still went to town on pink and blue decor because A) it's fun and B) you're only two once! As for the menu, the only thing that actually involved ingredients were our classic meatballs {frozen meatballs, jar of Heinz chili sauce and a can of cranberry sauce}. To go with the theme, we served chocolate pudding Muddy Puddles, Mr. Potato Chips, and fresh fruits and veggies from Grandpa Pig's garden. This will make more sense if you've met Peppa Pig. Also, we had Cheeto puffs and chocolate chip cookies. It was Nora's party, after all:

Prior to the big bash, this was Nora's favorite sentence: "Peppa party? Peppa cake?" You should've heard her gasp when we opened her special treat. Peppa cake, indeed. Too bad we had to go and set it on fire:

Don't worry, she got over it and enjoyed every bite. She kept that smile on her face for present time, too. I knew this year was going to be good because Nora is the most excitable little kid I know. Everything fills every inch of her body with joy and she can't help but let it spill out through her face. She was so very excited for present time {see first photo}. She squealed with each gift and then took it to a grown-up for the opening and assembling processes. She has had a blast baking cookies, rocking babies, and toting around her new purple purse.

Thanks to everyone who made Nora's day extra special, despite the stink eye she may or may not have thrown your way. This baby girl is bursting with character, but I guess you can say she fits in perfectly:

{This was the best take. I promise.}

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

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Unknown said...

I always love seeing your birthday party posts. You have the coolest foods!

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