Monday, August 3, 2015

Breaking a Blog Lull

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I wrote two blog posts throughout the month of July.

Two in July, six in June, and just one measly post in May. This marks an official lull for me, even compared to the days when I'd post 23 photos of Baby Nathan and call it a day. Once again, there's no cause for the radio silence. No secret I'm hiding or information I'm having to withhold for months. The signs point to A) summertime busyness, B) summertime laziness or C) a combination of the two. I'm not even going to grade your test because I bet you nailed that one. There's no lack of material, either. Our counter tops are overflowing with garden goodies, our chickens are thriving in their coop, Owen is hilarious, Nora is sassy, and Nathan has his sights set on Minecraft Tutorial YouTube fame. We've spent afternoons in the pool, evenings trying to keep the garden alive, and the rest of the time soaking in the air-conditioning.

It's just life. I don't make stories in order to tell them, I make stories in order to enjoy them; however, there is enjoyment in the sharing. There's inspiration all around me and with the dog days of summer spelling out a fast-approaching return to school, I have a deep urge to latch onto that inspiration.

Life has been sweet this summer. The dynamic of my family is changing as we leave the baby days behind and have two kids to prepare for the classroom. We are growing and evolving and becoming a new Bunch every day. Basically, we have some catching up to do.

I often tell myself it's better to keep quiet instead of force words onto a page, but I miss writing. I miss explaining to myself how I feel about different stages of life, helping myself remember how good that first tomato tasted, and capturing pictures of my children right now. Oh, and I miss hanging out with you, too. Really. I do. That's why I'm announcing a self-imposed goal. I'm going to blog every {week}day in August. Maybe even on the weekends if I'm feeling frisky. There's no set subject matter, and I can guarantee it won't be exciting, but it will be real. It will be real stories about real life from a real person. Hi!

It's time for a fresh approach to my little space. Join me?

Has anyone out there suffered from months-long blog block? Not for lack of story or lack of time, but more along the lines of simply not making it happen? I know the answer to this one, so I hope you pop down in the comments and share with me. What was your cure?

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Desperately Seeking Gina said...

Ugh! Currently going through my own lull and I keep rethinking why I even blog. But then again-I think about it every single day and miss doing it. Just need to jump back in, I guess. Just like you!

Unknown said...

I actually recently came out of what was pretty much a year-long lull. It's not that I wasn't writing, but I wasn't writing on my blog. I had returned to my first writing love, fiction. I imagine once I send L to preschool in a few weeks, I will be writing more fiction again, because it comes easier when I'm not taking care of her. For me, it seems that I don't do both types of writing well at the same time. THEN, there are just times when nothing flows. Those are the times when I think about not blogging at all anymore. Then after a while, I feel the urge again. I blog mostly for myself anyway, so I keep doing it.

Jessica Bauer said...

Gina - I look forward to it!
And Adrienne, you and I are two peas in a pod. I don't want to feel like I'm writing just for the purpose of putting words on a page, but I feel like the more I try, the more inspired I will become. I guess we'll see what happens as I truck on through the month. :) PS: I have enjoyed your return!