Monday, August 31, 2015

Challenge Completed

Rarely does the word "series" crop up in this space.

These typically last a post or two and then make a quiet exit. I quickly learned to stop making dramatic promises and shy away from accountability. After a summer-long blog hiatus, however, accountability seemed like a good kick in the pants. I publicly challenged myself on August 1. Today is August 31, and as soon as I hit the bright orange publish key, I'm calling this self-imposed challenge a major success.

One of my favorite pieces of blogging advice is this: don't write if you don't have anything to say. Don't feel pressured to put words on the screen only because you feel you owe it to your readers. Obviously I love y'all, but you do NOT want to read something I don't want to write. I still believe that, but I also believe you won't find good writing until you start. You have to start. I feel like I've told some good stories over the past four weeks {some harder to tell than others} and that's only because I promised myself I would start writing them. Thank you for reading, thank you for letting me clog your feeds, and thank you for sticking with me.

Not to become an after-school special on a Monday, but I think the start is the main reason for several of life's blocks, beyond throwing words into the greater reaches of the Internet. You will literally {yes, I'm using that correctly} never know what you can do until you start. If there's something you want to try or learn or improve or master, just start. Start today and see what you can do. I have never blogged this much in my life, and this is a virtual back pat for the world to see. I'm proud of myself and I'm inspired to continue.

As for post-challenge goals, I don't foresee an abrupt end. There could be a story to share every day in September, but I am fine with the chance there won't be. Stop by and check, though, won't you? I've told myself I will be here at least three days a week, and I think I need to keep listening.

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Unknown said...

I'm seriously impressed with your August challenge. I need to do some major brainstorming for post ideas and get them scheduled.

Brittney said...

I love blogging challenges because they help us with ideas, direction, and force us to write. :) Great job completing this one!