Monday, August 24, 2015

Coop Tour

How about we take a little tour around the coop?

It's no poultry palace, but I bet my friend P. Allen would be mighty proud of this craftsmanship. As I said in my last chicken update, the girls moved out once the weather was warm enough and Jonathan got the urge to put hammer to nail. This is no mail-order chicken house. This is the result of planning, a trip {or two} to the hardware store, and several afternoons of hard work. You know, measure twice and cut once and all that jazz.

I love this finished product and in case you ever get a wild hair and want to start raising farm fresh breakfast of your own, this is a pretty good way to go about it. While I have no blueprints and can't say much about the building process, I can say the chickens navigate it just fine. It does have four walls, a floor, a roof, and four windows to allow as much air flow as possible {which is highly necessary, if you catch what I'm throwing}. It also has a full-sized people door with a critter-proof lock and a tiny door to allow the stretching of chicken legs.

The inside, however, is the best part. He made three small roosts for bedtime, and the girls used their pecking order to find their spots {poor Nugget is not allowed on top}. Once they started laying, Jonathan added three nesting boxes. We filled each with straw and one golf ball apiece and it didn't take long for them to stop laying on the floor and fluff up their nests. I've never seen two chickens in one at the same time, but there's always four eggs in the back box. One day I'll catch them sharing, I just know it.

Jonathan also crafted a PVC pipe feeder that eliminates daily feeding {unless they deserve a treat or a cucumber or something}. That's come in handy for our weekends away. He's also installed a small fan to cool things down and I am pleased to say all six chickens made it through their first Arkansas summer unscathed.

Their "run" is simply a dog pen. He cut a hole in the fencing to allow for their pop door to open up so they can come and go and lay and play as they please {until the boss chicken tells them it's bedtime}. Our little cousin Riley {age 13} was hanging out with us during construction. Slightly bored, he decided to grab a few planks, a couple branches, and crafted that sweet chicken playground. Other than that, their yard has all the grit and dirt their little hearts desire. Plus some empty buckets, shovels and rakes, and chicken-watchin' chairs for ambiance.

There you have it folks! Best seat in the house to lay an egg if you ask me.

Have you ever thought about raising chickens? They take a little work but I bet no dog has ever given you breakfast. If you can refute that claim, that's a story I need to hear immediately. Happy Monday!

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