Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day for the Bauer Boys

No tears at the Bauer house yesterday {except Nora, who was bummed she didn't get a sign}.

My oldest was sent to third grade and my middle to the daily grind of preschool. Owen actually started his new place last week, but Monday was serious business. He drew a picture of two guys with mo-hawks. Said he may even feel up to bringing his backpack tomorrow. As for his adjustment, I don't think it could have gone any better. I could tell he was working through nerves on Day One, but he came home with a couple of new best friends and a desire to go back. They give him chicken nuggets AND they get to push monster trucks up the slide. Really, what could be better?

The third-grade report was equally good. Nathan takes after me in new situations and was feeling a bit uneasy Sunday night, but he had a new resolve when the alarm clock sounded. He grabbed a cinnamon bun, laced up his new kicks, and marched into the classroom - that is, after he and his daddy sat in the car line for half an hour. {The first few weeks are a JUNGLE around these parts!} I battled the cars in the afternoon. There he sat, right beneath the big number three with a grin on his face. He climbed into the way back, tossed his blue backpack aside, and before I could even ask, he said: "My day was GREAT!"

Highlights included seeing all of his friends at recess, finding out he's second on the teacher's helper list, a lack of homework, and the fact that he gets to go to music classes on Tuesdays. He was sent home with a list of spelling words to start with, and he easily rattled them off one by one. The only drawback was the pizza he was served at lunch, rather than the chicken patty on bun I thought I'd read on the menu. So far, so good, third-grade.

At the top I said there were no tears at the house, but one might have fallen in the Subway drive-through when Owen's teacher tagged me in the photo above. It's hard to believe that this year's first day report includes not one, but TWO Bauers. Thankfully there were two great days, and there were two little boys who woke up ready to go again today.

I hope your First Day went just as smoothly. Hugs to the kindergarten moms, high-fives to the college students, and cheers to the parents who have been counting down all summer!

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