Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: AWBU Bound

This weekend my best friends/fellow bloggers will be taking on Hot Springs to talk sponsors and content and branding, oh my!

Since the fall of 2012, I have been an active member of Arkansas Women Bloggers. However, last year was my first time to meet most of these people in person at the group's annual conference. I made new connections and felt uplifted in ways I didn't think possible outside of youth group. It's a great feeling to have in a room filled with adult women you just met hours ago. Friendships blossomed, inspiration struck, and I put it on my calendar in ink for 2015.

Things have obviously gotten a little shaky this week with the passing of my dear Mema. Once arrangements were made, though, I learned the option to attend AWBU was still on the table. I wrestled with the idea for a while. Should I spend more time at home grieving over this loss or should I lean on my friends and celebrate the fact that I can? Mema was always a huge supporter of my writing {also a huge supporter of fun}, so I'd bet she's on board with my choice.

I can't exactly tell you what's going to happen this weekend, but I can tell you what I need:

  1. First and foremost, I need friendship. Now more than ever. I need a super-sized margarita, laughter that streams down my face, and as many hugs as I can get. I am looking forward to late-night chats that make new memories. This may not be the main point of a blogging conference, but this is what AWB means to me.

  2. I'd also like a dose of inspiration. While pushing myself to write every day in August has gotten me back in the blogging saddle, so to speak, I hope to latch onto new ideas for story-telling and post planning this weekend.

  3. One of the best parts about AWBU last year was the break {read more here}. From late Friday into Sunday afternoon, I am about 97% sure no one will call me Mom. No one will need me to pour chocolate milk, pick them up and put them on the couch, or let them watch videos on my phone. Score.

  4. I like to write, but I'm not great at sharing. I've got Facebook on lock, but I need to be more social media savvy. Unfortunately no one else seems to need a lesson in Twitter, so I'll have to figure that out on my own, but I'm interested to see what they say about Periscope.

  5. Aside from the camaraderie, I think the biggest reason I'm going is for the encouragement. It feels amazing to know that someone hears what I'm saying, and these women are amazing at feedback. I can't wait to receive it, and I am even more excited to give it. There are some wonderful writers in this state, y'all.

Safe travels to all the bloggers heading to the Spa City today. See you when I get there!

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Desperately Seeking Gina said...

Oh, hey. I hadn't read about Mema before now (are we friends on FB?). I'm so sorry. I would have taken a moment to give you a hug. Always nice to see you and so glad you decided to go.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, Gina! All the laughter we shared was super good for the heart and soul. It was the perfect time to be around so many friends.