Tuesday, August 11, 2015

School Prep

Backpacks and folders aren't the only things we need to get ready for school.

After the small happy dance that comes with the end of I'M BORED days of summer, we have work to do. It's time to kick our parenting skills into gear as school days draw near. Sure, the teachers that work hard all year have a bit more to do to prepare to educate our kids, but there are few changes our family should make this week to prepare for next. Let's jump in.

Probably the biggest change we're implementing this week is an earlier bedtime. I love letting Nathan stay up later during the summer. He'll watch TV, waste hours on Minecraft, and basically just be a kid. I'm okay with that, really. Usually by 9:00 or 9:30 we'd send him on his merry way to the top bunk, but we're scaling it back this week. School can wear a kid out, especially during the first days. Their brains go from zero-to-sixty and they need the energy. We are going to try to get every kid snoring by 8:00. Wish us luck.

For some reason, when school starts I decide to desire to become a domestic goddess. Keyword is desire, y'all. If you know me or have read here for any period of time, you will know I cannot cook. Thankfully, I was blessed with a husband who can. The school year makes me want to organize an after-school snack drawer in the fridge, craft a color-coded meal plan for each weekday, and orchestrate weekly grocery trips complete with section-by-section lists. I'm living in a dream world here, but a girl needs goals, right?

It's time to dial down the screen time around here. The Instant Gratification of the Internet seems to make it a little harder to focus on flipping actual pages in an actual book. Go figure, right? Nathan enjoys a good story, but he has trouble getting into it and I imagine the screens of summer may have something to do with that. Starting this week, I'm going to encourage him to shut it down and open a book. He needs to know that the journey can be more fun when the ending is further away.

Aside from the lofty goals listed above, we do actually need the folders and backpacks. This year I let Nathan and his Daddy make the big trip. The list was a bit different. No markers and just one measly box of crayons. The kid even snagged his first package of loose-leaf paper! I'm very excited for third-grade. I feel like this is the year he will hone in on favorite topics, and maybe get a dose of new subjects. Also, Owen had to pull out Nathan's old preschool nap mat. That might be a little depressing. {See last week's post.}

What does your family do to get geared up for back-to-school? Also, what am I missing here??

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Grace Grits and Gardening said...

I remember those days. Exciting. New school supplies and the anticipation of it all. Have a great first week!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, Talya! Anticipation is building on all sides this week. :)