Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Scenes

I'm almost positive I haven't seen a double-digit heat index since March.

Obviously that's a slight exaggeration, but it is HOT, y'all. The forecast for next Monday is 106. One hundred and six degrees. I predict that will translate nicely into a heat index that rivals hell fire. I melt crossing the yard to the chicken coop and have been known to leave a ripe tomato hanging because my body can't handle a detour in the afternoon sun {that one is not an exaggeration}. Owen's been asking to play in the sprinkler for weeks, so on a blistering August Sunday, we made it happen:

Along with my blogging fingers, I hadn't had my camera out in a while, so it was fun to try to capture the spirit of summer in these boys. The sprinkler turned out to be less than exciting for Owen when the water began to smack him in the face, but the kid perked up when he grabbed a hose and used it as a makeshift squirt gun. Whatever works, really. We tried to get Nora to wander out there in her dress, but she was too smart for all that. She did, however, stay photo ready:

Scribbler Popsicles in the fridge, a sprinkler hooked up to the hose, and an A/C unit that works just fine {knock on wood}. What more could you ask for in the summertime? Those are just a few of the ways we've been keeping cool in this terrible heat. I will say this, though I will take the hell fires of August in Arkansas any day over the frigid numbers that surprise us all in late winter. I can guarantee I'd rather sweat than freeze. To each their own, I suppose.

How are you keeping cool this summer? Do you prefer the Arkansas heat or cold? Do you mind being hit in the face with a sprinkler? These are things I need to know. While I wait, have yourself a delightful Wednesday!

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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness. 106. I would die. I'm too hot when it hits 85 here in MI! I much prefer a crisp fall day. And I can say I do not enjoy getting sprayed by the sprinkler, I can get on board a nice day in the pool though!!

Jessica Bauer said...

Hi Michelle! I'd imagine your climate is just a BIT different in Michigan! As much as I love summer, I will admit fall is sounding pretty good on these 106 days. :D I'm just thankful for A/C and grandparents with a swimming pool. Thanks for stopping by!