Monday, September 7, 2015

A Day with Owen, Age 4

All smiles at the pediatrician's office... wait, what?!

My old sidekick was with me Friday, counting cows and sharing tales from preschool.

I don't work on Fridays and Nora usually stays home while Owen and Nathan ship off to school. However, Owen developed a rather unfortunate rash situation on Thursday and a trip to the pediatrician was penciled in. We drove the long haul to drop Nora off at day care. She attended her two-year-check up last week that did involve a shot and we figured she wouldn't be pleased to return. Owen was nervous, but he kept telling me how he must be brave because he's four.

Once we secured a parking spot, Owen unbuckled himself, opened and closed his car door, and asked me to look both ways before crossing the street. We eventually found the check-in window and he made a friend by the fish tank. When his name was called, he hopped up and walked with the nurse to the scale. He weighed without incident {45 pounds, exactly the same as Nora if you were wondering}, and he didn't fuss a bit when it was time to wait. We sat on the squishy examining table thumbing through a dinosaur atlas as he expertly named them one by one. The doctor came in, he was perfectly polite and explained his symptoms, and we left with a prescription and two green suckers {one for him, one for Nathan}.

I tell you this story because it left me with a burning question: Who is this kid?!

Owen's never been a fan of the doctor. Or the dentist. Or the guy who cuts his hair. Or being confined inside a Walmart buggy. Ever since the kid could throw a punch, any hint of control has incited wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth. However, when three turned to four, it brought more resolve than I could have imagined {bedtime withheld}. I'm not sure what this magical number has done to Owen, but I'm not questioning it. Sure, the kid puts up a fight as often as he can, but he's quicker to listen to reason and even realize I may know what I'm talking about {I'll assume this comes back with a vengeance}.

I don't know if it was my attention that made for a pleasant day with a pleasant boy or if turning four unlocked a new desire to respect authority. Whether or not the latter is true, I'll be circling July 8, 2017 on my calendar.

Moms: Did four turn a switch that made your strong-willed toddler become a still strong-willed, but a bit more understanding kid? Do your kids act differently when separated? Do you think it's weird that my two-year-old and my four-year-old weigh the same amount? This is a lot on a Monday, I know. Take your time.

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Unknown said...

I can only hope that 4 brings on some calmness with Bug! But as for getting the separated, YES, they are so much better. Both of my kids are completely different people when their sibling isn't around. They both are much calmer, quieter, and well-behaved.