Friday, September 11, 2015

County Fair Artists

One of the highlights of a new school year is starting fresh in activity courses.

At Nathan's school, students spend an hour each day in activity: PE, art, music, counseling, or a trip to the library down the hall. Nathan was excited about the advanced math and heavy reading that comes with third grade, but that kid was ready to get his hands on some art supplies. One of the first projects the kids do under the instruction of their awesome art teacher is create a piece for the county fair. Every year Nathan's art has been chosen to compete and every year he finds a sticker on it. This year, it just so happened to be blue.

This Spongebob scene was designed and drawn all on his own, unlike the pig that snagged him a kindergarten win. I've known for a long time that Nathan's had a natural ability to draw, but it's getting good. There's no way I could have perfected Spongebob's pants. However, Nathan's piece wasn't the only one the boys searched for in the exhibit hall. There was a hand-print owl done by a certain preschooler that was also bearing a first-place sticker.

When Owen began jumping and saying, "I won! I won!" I didn't have the heart to tell him every preschool picture was emblazoned with a blue ribbon. He was proud of his artwork, and he's following his brother's footsteps just fine.

Owen's preschool teacher snapped the photo above this morning when she took her "pre-kindergartners" {not my baby!} to check out their entries. As you can see, there was a wall of winners. She also tagged me in a photo of my stubborn son holding an alligator and another of him milking a pretend cow, two things he flat-out refused to do under the direction of his parents. Kids, am I right?

Is it county fair time in your neck of the woods? Did anyone in your family bring home a blue ribbon? Do you think Owen's picture looks more like an owl or a gorilla {he can't settle on an answer}? Have a happy weekend, y'all!

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Unknown said...

Great job, guys! Our fair is this coming week, but we don't enter anything. We just show up to ride the rides and eat all the cotton candy.