Monday, September 21, 2015

Free Range

We had ourselves a mighty fine chicken adventure this weekend.

With the summer garden season screeching to a halt and leaving in its wake dead plants, weeds, and plenty of debris, we thought the chickens might enjoy a trip to the buffet. As you may notice in the photos below, they have completely decimated the grass in their yard, so it's nice to get a little green in their diet every now and then. When we open the hatches and let the chickens fly, I always get a nervous feeling that we'll be standing beneath the trees they've roosted in or chasing them down highways or through cow pastures. Thankfully, they seem to like us okay. Either that or they're too busy chowing down on fresh grass to run away.

With all this chicken wrangling help, though, the girls didn't quite make it to the garden. I think both the free-ranging chicks and the free-ranging kids had a good time regardless:

The girls are still happily laying and the eggs seem to be getting a bit bigger every day. This half-dozen was laid in one morning, so you can imagine how our egg surplus is growing. I ordered personalized carton stickers from Etsy the other day. Soon, we will officially be in the egg sales business. Stay tuned... or don't, really, just let me know now if you live in my area and need some delicious farm-fresh eggs. My sales girl is pretty cute:

The photo above might have been the best one snapped all afternoon. While we are happy that these birds keep their cool at play time, the one thing the kids don't like is when the chickens get spooked and start flapping. Thankfully, Nathan and Nora were too busy cheesing to know what was going on behind them. {I think it had to do with what was happening to their right.}

These pets may not sit and stay like your standard puppy dog, but this flock is still fun. Plus, free eggs! Happy Monday, y'all.

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Unknown said...

Looks like an adventure! I'd love to see this at my Venture Link Up next week for October. :)