Monday, September 28, 2015

Pretty Planning

{Disclaimer: This is in no way a paid endorsement, I just wanted to share a great purchase.
However, most Erin Condren links in this post are referral links}

When twenty-something rolled into thirty-something, my tack-sharp memory began to slow.

I knew the answer to remembering all the things on my to-do list and everything scheduled for my family {plus a whole youth group} would be some form of portable calendar. I first turned to the calendar on my iPhone like most normal people. I quickly proved unable to remember to schedule anything, so there's nothing there now but federal holidays. I tried a few apps, but the effort needed to type it all wasn't there. Digital planning was not the way to go and the most popular planners were going for big bucks, so I figured my brain would be my best bet.

Then I started forgetting things. Things like going to a dentist appointment and picking my kid up from preschool.

I needed a place to empty my brain and mentally prepare for the week ahead. I tried various planners with cute designs, but all they did was make a nice collection in the front pocket of my diaper bag. The blanks on one were much too small, the monthly layout was weird on another, and sometimes the pages just didn't lay right.

To be perfectly honest, spending money on myself is not always easy for me. Usually such purchases make several rounds in my head until my husband pushes me to go for it, and I'm not kidding when I say I'd been looking at the Erin Condren Life Planner for two years. Two years. I kept telling myself it was a lot of money for pieces of paper bound together. However, I bit the bullet {with Jonathan's help} and haven't looked back yet.

If you're on the fence like I was for so long, let me encourage you to jump over it. Not only does this beautiful cover make me happy every time I see it, it opens to the layout of my dreams. There are three squares for each day. I use them for family stuff, youth stuff, and blog stuff. Many people use them for different times of the day, but you can do whatever your heart desires. I love taking the time on Sunday afternoons to fill up my squares and actually see the things I need to accomplish. FYI: My favorite pens to use so far are here.

I'm not sure if it's simply because I like the look of the Life Planner or what, but I seriously feel more organized now than I have in a decade. I have blog posts planned, for crying out loud. Also, you and I both know that I won't miss that dental checkup tomorrow!

It's fun to have your week feel a little more organized on a Monday, isn't it? Do you have your own favorite planner brand? Have you jumped onto the planner sticker bandwagon? Let's chat!

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Unknown said...

I need ALL the stickers! Some of my days have so many stickers I don't have room to write the important stuff. I need to take a sticker break, but they make me so happy, haha

Jessica Bauer said...

I am avoiding my first sticker or accessory purchase for obvious reasons, Karen! There are too many cute ones out there.

MONA C. said...

I have two different planners. One for work and the other is for blog planning. I use the Passion Planner for my blog. I like the look and the questions. It sparks thoughts and helps me stay focused.

Jessica Bauer said...

Wow, the Passion Planner looks awesome, Ramona! I like how goal-oriented it is. I don't think I'd seen that one before.