Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dear October

The broccoli plants appreciate the cooler mornings as much as I do.

There's nothing like trashing a calendar page covered by all the to-dos you did, am I right?

That may just be me, but today I am welcoming October with open arms. It's no secret that the spring and summer seasons are my favorite, but I'm feeling exceptionally kind toward fall this year. It could have something to do with the fact that September 2015 was a bit warm. I love the heat and the sunshine, but at this point a cool breeze wouldn't bother me one bit. I'm not going to start drinking pumpkin spice lattes or anything, but bring on the long sleeves and decorative gourds!

The days are getting shorter, making earlier bedtimes possible. The triple-digit excuse of "too hot" has been banished from my vocabulary. We are spending more time watching chickens and kids in the backyard. The summer garden is old news and we're keeping an eye on the soil to see fall veggies spring to life. There's poetry in the changing of seasons, and I am embracing it. Our pile of yard debris is ripe for a bonfire, there will soon be pumpkins on my porch and we're narrowing down costume choice to Sleeping Beauty or Queen Elsa. It is indeed fall, y'all. Here are just a few more reasons I've decided to appreciate October:

  1. The Fresh Start: Sorting through the jackets, changing out the flower beds, and pulling open the windows are all distinct signals of a new beginning. It's not January yet, but I'm treating October 1 like a blank slate.

  2. The Trees: I don't live near the pinnacle of fall color in Arkansas, but the southwest can still put on a show. The evergreens pop brighter against brilliant shades of gold, red and orange, and my commute is drenched in change.

  3. The Air: It's crisp and clean and invites you to walk outside and breathe deep. It's like the Earth is waking up after sleeping in the A/C for three months. The air is lighter and lacking that faint scent of sweat. Win-win.

  4. The Food: It's almost time to make chili, y'all.

What's your favorite thing about October? Have a great Thursday, friends!

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