Monday, October 26, 2015

Dreary Weekend Report

I have been using the word fall here for a while, but it's not official until I'm whining about the cold.

If you've talked to me today, you'll know where we stand. It started raining for the first time in months Friday and that gave way to chilly air and a grey sky. I've readied my flannel and fired up the seat warmers. The leaves have changed to beautiful shades of yellow and orange that pop against the sunless sky. It's fall, y'all, but I promise to keep my weather whines down until it snows.

The dreary weekend rained out our family photo shoot, but we rescheduled for Friday. I can't guarantee perfection, but I am of the opinion that my kids are cute. If we capture them being knuckleheads, then we got them in their element. Other than that, this rain was much needed. The fall garden has popped to life, leaves cover the dying grass, and Nora and I get to wear boots. The dark afternoons made for long weekend naps and we even started our comfort food season. As long as I have enough blankets, it won't be so bad.

We also made some crucial life decisions this weekend:

There are only five days on the Halloween countdown, and we finally have costumes. Nora has been the hardest to pin down, as her answer changes with the wind. Everyone who's asked her has gotten a different answer. She's proudly proclaimed Elsa, Princess Anna, Sleeping Beauty, a cat, a waffle, a ballerina, and Spider-Man. While I was gunning for the waffle, she landed on ballerina. We have a leotard, a tutu, and our fingers crossed she'll wear it.

Owen was easy. He chose between an army guy and a hunter and both involved a solid layer of camo and a toy gun. As of last night he's leaning hunter, but of both deer and zombies. He's a jack of all trades, really. Nathan took a long time to decide whether trick-or-treating was still cool. After stumbling on Nana's candy stash, he was swayed. He's keeping the Superhero tradition alive as Green Lantern.

The kids aren't the only ones having all the dress-up fun, either! We are celebrating All-Saints Day at church this weekend and I will be gracing the students' presence as none other than St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. I'm going to be dressed as a nun. I imagine pictures will follow.

Do you know what your kids are wearing for Halloween yet? Of course you do, it's only five days away! Are there any other parents dressing up? Share in the comments, won't you?

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Unknown said...

My second daughter is a nun

Stacey said...

Maya is going to be a werewolf. Her granny bought her the furry costume already.

Jessica Bauer said...

Ha! That'll be too cute, Stacey. Nora is obsessed with werewolves, I'll have to show her your post-Halloween pics. :)

Unknown said...

Bug is going to be Marshall from Paw Patrol - because he is obsessed with all things Paw Patrol these days. Ting had no idea what she wanted to I let her loose on the Costume Express website. She landed on police officer, hmm. I'm going as Mom :)

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I have a Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) and a Mal (Disney's Descendants) this year. Mal will morph into River Song (Doctor Who) on Saturday. Both girls will help out a family doing a huge Doctor Who theme for Halloween this year. They need extra characters for a complete "cast" in their annual pictures.

Jessica Bauer said...

Karen, you know my Paw Patrol loving kids can't wait to see Bug in all his puppy glory! And I LOVE that you'll have a Mal this year, Jennifer - my kids love that movie. :) Can't wait for everyone's recap photos.

Aduke Schulist said...

It's now a day before Halloween and I *just* figured out what my oldest is going to be... A chef!
My others are going as a Puppy Dog and Hulk.