Friday, October 2, 2015

Growing in the Fall

We have more dirt under our fingernails these days {and on our hands, knees, faces, etc}.

While there's still a little summer goodness growing in the Bauer Backyard, we've recently overhauled the garden to make room for fall/winter crops. Not long ago we made the decision to go all-in on second-season veggies. We've had some luck with this in gardens past, but we wanted to take it up a notch. We uprooted the peppers and all but three tomato plants {I can't say goodbye yet}. Check back for my preservation post next week. I know it may seem counterproductive to dispose of living plants, but I needed that dirt.

Jonathan took a trip to our favorite local nursery and came home with 16 broccoli plants and a four-pack of cabbage. Those went in the ground on September 22 and have been thriving in the cool nights. Then I made a quick order from Seed Savers and my packets were delivered within days {highly recommend}. It was time to fill the empty square of soil.

As you can see, the okra planted in May is still going. I'm not getting rid of them until they stop producing,
even if Owen is using the leafless poles as a slalom course.

We planted half a row each of lettuce, radish, spinach, and carrots. Nathan also sowed an extra half row of spinach all on his own - that kid's got his eye on a big bowl of spinach dip. We put the seeds in the soil on Monday evening, and the radishes are already up. I've never grown them before, but everything I read tells me they'll be my first harvest. There may not be too many people excited about these {radishes don't have the best reputation}, but I love those peppery little morsels and maybe we'll find a method or two of cooking them.

I can understand if pictures of tiny sprouts and dirt aren't your thing, but I'll be back with an update when the plants are more photo-ready. Until then, let's talk gardening. Have you put any cool-season crops in your backyard yet? There's still time for a whole mess of spinach and root veggies if you haven't!

Have a great weekend, y'all. Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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