Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jeepin' with Owen

Jonathan and I recently took a ride in my dad's Jeep to give the deer lease a once-over.

You'll never guess who wanted to tag along.

Once Owen was strapped securely in the backseat, joy danced on his face and the wind played with his hair. Despite the fact that it's still summer in southwest Arkansas {it's literally 92 degrees right now}, deer season is just around the corner. Owen couldn't care less about looking for blocked stands or washed-out roads. He was thrilled with the idea of running through fields, hiding behind trees, and simply cruising the dirt roads with no roof. You may be shocked to hear we only had to stop to retrieve his hat one time.

My kid was quick to find the first sign of fall beneath the big maple tree by the cabin. He might have been drenched with sweat shortly after I snapped the photo below, but that's beside the point. It's October and there were leaves.

Owen used his time in the great outdoors wisely, searching through random hunting equipment and demanding an explanation for the pair of turkey feet that hung above his head. He attempted to climb a tree, and decided to save that adventure for next time. He laughed, he screamed, and he savored every second he could use his outside voice. On the trip home, he let me hold his hat:

What's your favorite place to explore? Is your hat safe there? Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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Unknown said...

Do does Owen get to "hunt" yet? My kids are pumped this year. Ting is actually old enough to really hunt the youth hunt, and Bug has his own hunting day already on the calendar.

Jessica Bauer said...

He hasn't gone yet, Karen, but this might just be his year. Nathan has never shown much interest in it, but Owen definitely has. I have my fingers crossed that Ting has a great first official season!