Thursday, October 29, 2015

Truth + Pumpkin Carving

I'd like to know the history behind carving pumpkins.

I'm sure a Google search would direct me to a perfectly reasonable explanation of using these decorative gourds as lanterns on chilly autumn nights or something, but I want to know the turning point that made it parental torture.

Every October my brother and I each carved a pumpkin. Newspaper was spread across the kitchen table and we flipped through our books {the exact same designs still there 20 years later} and landed on a favorite. My parents would tape our patterns to our pumpkins and we would meticulously choose our orange-handled weapons. We poked around the pattern for approximately five minutes until it proved too much on our tiny hands. We proceeded to watch television as our parents brought our creations to life, then we delighted as the spooky faces glowed on our porch.

What a fun tradition, right? Wrong.

It's not all fun and games when you can't give up after five minutes. It's a different world when you're trying to avoid piercing your hand with a tiny saw while your daughter screams "HAPPY FACE" directly into your ear. Carver's elbow is a legitimate problem, and I am nursing it today. Last night was spent sloshing pumpkin goop onto our kitchen floor.

Nora requested a happy face {as you might have guessed}, Owen requested an angry face, and Nathan chose an owl from the wondrous pattern book. Nora said the "goopies" were too much, Owen got bored waiting, and Nathan had more pressing matters on Minecraft. Armed with itty-bitty tools and a few cold cans, Jonathan and I carved our pumpkins. They turned out lovely, don't you think?

These cute kids were excited to hold their parents' pumpkins and give the impression that they were involved. Honestly, I still say it's worth the carver's elbow. Once lit, we turned the pumpkins toward the glass doors so the kids could sit inside, mesmerized by our handiwork. They were in love and we exchanged back pats.

However, painting pumpkins sounds like an excellent alternative...

Be honest. Do you actually enjoy carving pumpkins? Are you one of the lucky ones whose kids do all the work? Do you know the pain that comes with carver's elbow? Leave it all in the comments, friends. Have a great Thursday!

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Unknown said...

My children do all the carving

Jessica Bauer said...

That is absolutely true, Poppy. Absolutely true.

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

This is one of the first years I didn't carve one. My neighbor did one of those melted crayon pumpkins that's popular on Pinterest. It was pretty cool. I love your owl pumpkin:)

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks, Talya! The melted crayon idea is a great one, and sounds like maybe a little less work. :)