Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blessings From My Table

Misshapen turkeys deck the table, the family's at the door, and it's almost time to serve the one meal that warrants a countdown.

You've marked your list, made last-minute touches, and probably popped the wine a little early. Your kitchen could be covered in lace tablecloths, fine China and a five-course gourmet meal, or maybe your Turkey Day is take-out and paper plates. Either way, it's here. Thanksgiving Day is indeed a holiday of green bean casserole and a menagerie of pies, but be sure to look up. The people at your table are the reason for the season. Count them one by one. Each person sitting with me today is a blessing, and I appreciate them more than the peanut butter haystacks.

In Bauer Bunch tradition, I'm providing a bit of light reading today as you sleep off your third plate and pretend to watch football in the living room. Following is a brief description of what each member of my family is thankful for this year. None of it is scripted. Some of it is funny. All of it is love. Happy Thanksgiving, from my bunch to yours!

Age: 32
Thankful For: "Eye surgery for repairing my vision, church for allowing me to serve my community and family, Jessica for being there with me as our lives keep changing, Dad for tools and teaching me how to use them, and God for giving me the life I have and the crosses I carry while trying to follow in His footsteps."

Age: 31
Thankful For: "I'm thankful for the beautiful serenity of my home, the wild and loving kids who live inside, and the man who tries hard to hold us all together. I'm thankful for the ability to love and be loved, to forgive and be forgiven, and to take new steps every day."

Age: 8
Thankful For: "Jesus because He died on the cross for us. I am also thankful for my DS because I get entertainment from it. And finally I'm thankful for my brother because I get to play with him and he's funny when he makes weird sounds."

Age: 4
Thankful For: "Daddy because he gives me chocolate milk and plays the phone in bed with me. And I'm thankful for my chickens because I like to let them out and play with them. Sometimes they make good cheese eggs. Also you and Nathan and Nora. But that's it."

Age: 2
Thankful For: "A SANDWICH! And chicken nuggets and Capri Suns and MY BABIES. And I need a dollar."

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Katharine said...

Sweet. This is always such a good tradition, to spend time actually thankful. I'm glad you have the habit of posting this. :)

Shelia Little said...

I love it ! I'm thankful that I have such amazing blogger friends.