Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eye Eye, Matey

I understand this is an old picture, but it fits today's theme. Also, I don't think Jonathan would appreciate my sharing actual eye-patch footage. Keep reading. This will make sense.

Last week was a bit of a bummer.

Bad news seemed to pile on with a flat tire, a light pole that popped up out of nowhere, and a blanket of living room Goldfish as far as the eye could see. I began to toss around ideas for a post about how things go wrong, but we shouldn't lose sight of the blessings we see before us. Then my husband's vision began to disappear.

{bonus points for each eye reference}

Being thankful is still a theme I'm working toward, but our bad week took an unexpected turn. It started as dots and flashes in his right eye that developed into a dark line, beneath which he saw nothing. He booked it to the eye doctor and that eye doctor promptly called a retina specialist in Little Rock.

We saw the specialist Friday morning and he cancelled all his special tests the moment he put on his fancy head instrument and peered into my poor husband's dilated pupil. He said words like "several tears" and "retinal detachment" and "atrophy" and other things I couldn't even try to comprehend. As soon as he left the room I leaned toward my patient and whispered, "Oooh, Jonathan, your eye is messed UP." If you haven't noticed, I probably wouldn't make a very good nurse.

To make a long story short, there were lasers in his eyeball for about an hour and a half Friday afternoon and I was well-equipped with pirate jokes for the ride home. Apparently it was a traumatizing experience, as it turns out he was awake during surgery. I basically learned everything I know about eyeballs over the last five days, so this was crazy and new information. Thankfully, surgery was a success and now we wait for his vision to return.

This recovery has meant no driving, no bending down, and no lifting over 10 pounds. I've been hauling chicken feed and Nora, trying to avoid excessive tardiness at school, and cooking lots of hot dogs for dinner. Believe me we will all be happy when Jonathan is back to normal, but until then Nora will enjoy playing swords with her Daddy she now calls Jake.

Hope your weekend was better. Keep smiling even if it wasn't, and have a great Wednesday!

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Unknown said...

I have the heebie jeebies just reading this post. As someone who has worn contacts for over two decades, the anatomy of the eye still creeps me out. Still yet, I'm glad you guys caught it and hope he has a speedy recovery.

Jessica Bauer said...

Ugh, I have been FULL of the heebie jeebies. I've never had glasses or contacts or even seen someone with dilated pupils, so this was a whole new world. Eyes are gross. Fingers crossed this is the last of it for a while!

Jamie said...

How freaky! Hope all is back to normal soon.

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