Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Concerto

Nathan checked to make sure the music was in order, stretched his fingers, and blew us away.

Mrs. Becky's cast of characters had been preparing their holiday pieces for weeks, and I watched as each brave musician showed us what happens when brain meets music. Songs ranged from The First Noel on the violin, to a beautifully sung version of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, to my firstborn playing I'll Be Home For Christmas like he could have done it with his eyes closed. If the audience wasn't in the Christmas spirit by that point, a few Grinchs turned.

Because Jonathan had to hurry back to work, Nathan was first in line. He wished his audience a Merry Christmas, shared his name, grade, and occupation, then sat down at the ivory keys. His rhythm was spot-on and he didn't miss a single note. He stood up to a round of applause and I caught a proud smile as he bowed like a gentleman. Nailed it.

There was even an encore for Nathan, whose teacher decided he could handle two pieces at his second recital. This one featured accompaniment. It might have been like pulling teeth to get me to agree to it, but I'm glad I did. He and I played What Child is This on the piano and flute and I can't tell you what it felt like to share that moment with my son. As the crowd listened, I was washed with a feeling of pride in having passed this talent on. It's been 25 years since my mom and I played Away in a Manager together, but it was overwhelming to make this connection.

Music lasts. Learning music, sharing music, enjoying music all leave a mark. It means something to people of all ages, and encouraging your kids to embrace that is a fantastic idea. It will never leave me, and it will never leave Nathan {even if he does groan at practice time}.

You didn't think I'd skip the pieces, did you? In case you missed the show, below are the complete versions of Nathan's songs. Have a wondeful weekend, y'all!

BONUS MATERIAL: If you thought that was good, do yourself a favor and CLICK HERE to see a similar video post from six years ago. You're welcome.

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Karen W said...

That is amazing. And look at you! Nathan did such an amazing job.