Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear December

Let me join the rest of the world with an opening of I can't believe December's here!

This year has flown by and while we have had our share of ups and downs, I'm happy to start December with a happy home, a healthy family, and the promise of a fresh tomorrow. But we'll have time to say things like "blank slate" once the calendars have been changed. Today I'm talking about the last month of the year and my hopes for it:

Magic: This December I need to find the magic of the season. I need to push back the grumpiness that comes from strewn-about ornaments and glittery carpet. I need to see it in the eyes of my children who cherish hot cocoa and Polar Express, making cookies solely for Santa, and being unable to close their eyes on Christmas Eve. I need to get lost in that.

Love: I will remember the reason for the season. I will wait patiently full of hope, peace, joy, and love and prepare my heart for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. I will stretch beyond my comfort zone and expect more than family, food, and gifts this holiday season. I will listen so I can hear Him. I will open my eyes so I can find Him.

Slow: My planner is jam-packed with things to do this month and it's only December 1. Parties and plays, recitals and parades, and not much room for free time. However, I need to create that free time. I want to sit by the tree with my children and spend hours looking at Christmas lights. I want the five of us to make new traditions and simply enjoy each other.

Peace: December isn't my favorite month when it comes to savoring the great outdoors, but this year I vow to make it different. I will wrap up in blankets and look at the stars. I will notice the Earth's changes as it fades in order to start again. I will diligently tend to my wintering carrots and broccoli and play with my kids no matter the temperature. Honestly, this year's big present will help in this area {thank goodness for second-hand hot tubs}.

My list for the month is a bit different than those in the past, but I have my fingers crossed and my heart full that 2016 is going to be incredible. December is the perfect time to ready myself for that.

What are you wanting from December?

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Unknown said...

I've been intentional about slowing down a little this December. Thanks for writing your post. We are thinking along the same lines.